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What is shit out?

A phrase used to express frustration.

Shit out my balls. I woke up with a dildo in my ass again.

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Shit out - what is it?

When a request or problem is described, this phrase is used to tell the person that what they need or are requesting is simply not possible/available and probably won't be in the near future. An "urban" variation of "out of luck".

Jill: I'd like to borrow your bike so that I can go down to the grocery store.
Jack: Sorry Jane, its got a flat, you're shit out of luck.

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What does "shit out" mean?

An adverb meaning something happened to a great extent. If somebody (verb)ed the shit out of (object), it means that person REALLY (verb)ed that (object) hardcore.

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays beat the shit out of the New York Yankees last night. The score was 15-2!

Rachael Ray really baked the shit out of that pie. That motherfucker was tasty as hell!

Haley Joel Osment really saw the shit out of those dead people in "The Sixth Sense."

Rosie O'Donnell devoured the shit out of that two-pound burger, then proceeded to wolf down an entire cheesecake.

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Shit out - what does it mean?

In video/film business, it compares to when you have a crappy footage on tape or memory card (i.e. too dark, over exposed, out of focus) and you digitize them into the computer. The truth is, it will never look good if you bring the bad (shit) into the editing system in the first place.

John: "What is that? It looks so shitty. I'm wondering who shot it"

Jay: "Yeah, it's totally out of focus"

John: "You know they say.. shit in, shit out. Shit goes in, shit comes out"

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Shit out

When one goes out of their apartment to take a dump in a public restroom to prevent toilet paper usage in their own apartment to save toilet paper, and in turn, money. The opposite of eating out.

Boy let me tell you, I've been shitting out at my college's bathrooms and it has really paid off for me.

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Shit out

When someone kills you on call of duty, and you really are quite seriously considering murder. Like proper full on murder.

Ben: arrrr josh u just got killed man.


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Shit out

Someone’s who pussys out of shit

Stop being a fucking shit out lad

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Shit out

To lose one's nerve and quit, to cancel due to lack of courage, to bottle it.
See shit up

Also to back out of a promise or deal.

Ten people said they were coming but five of them shit out.

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Shit out

when something or a situation can be defined as negative or bad.

Dude my gf cheated on me last night. Man that is shit out!

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Shit out

when something, whether it be an object or person, breaks to a point of disrepair and/or no functioning uselessness

The car was running fine until you let it shit out!!!

If you'd have taken it to get fixed, it wouldn't have shit out!!

You've been throwing that book around for years, now its all shit out!!

We'd still be able to use it if you wouldn't have let it shit out.

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