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What is ship?

A Vehicle designed for water transportation.

Thats a big ass ship, I hope those pirates dont come off of it and sink our ship into the sea.

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Ship - what is it?

A ship is when you put 2 people's names together and want them to be in a relationship. Most commonly used among fandoms.

I ship destiel so hard, they're my otp!!!

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What does "ship" mean?

To match two people together as a couple, usually with a celebrity.

"i totally ship you guys, its perf!"

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Ship - what does it mean?

(v.) to support or endorse a romantic paring that is not canon in the work(s) in which they appear. The shipping of couples is often the purpose of many fanfiction stories. Used for characters in anime, manga, video games, tv shows, etc.

Fangirl: I ship EdxRoy!!!!

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A couple. Two people one thinks should date, or likes that they do/did. Usually combines the two names to make a ship name, i.e.:John+Karen=Jaren. Usually the boy's name goes first, however it is used. It can combine the last names to such as peazer+payne=payzer. A rare form of a ship name is one name inside another, such as louis+eleanor=elounor(i don't ship it). A ship is the couple. To ship something is to suppourt the ship. Shipping is when you create ships. Ships are most commonly used in fandoms or with celebrities, but are also used for people you know. Also commonly used for fictional characters.

"Do you ship Joe and Stacey?"
"Yes! Their ship name should be Stoe. Or Jacey!"
"Oh, they are such a cute couple."

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An unrealistic relationship that you love so much but causes you so much pain and misery forcing you to scream "MY FEELS!" while sliding out of your chair because it never comes true even though it's so obvious it should.

Johnlock, Destiel, Drarry
"Drarry is my ship."

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A boat. That's all it should be. It's just a boat. People need to calm down with all this other crap; a ship is a BOAT. A big piece of metal that floats miraculously on the surface of the water, and usually holds people and/or cargo.

There is a ship in that movie. It was very large and it caught fire and people on it died.

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v. the act of shoving two fictional characters' heads together and yelling, "NOW KISS!"

"I ship Rose and ten so hard! They're so cute together... if only they were a canon couple..."

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usually two people who you ship. meaning that you either want them to become an item, kiss or enter into a romantic/sexual relationship or all of the above. usually when you ship someone, you smile when they interact somehow or become extremely giddy when they do something together.

person: i totally ship dean and castiel!
person 2: no way, me too!
person 3: i don't ship them that much. i ship castiel and meg more, to be honest.

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N: Short for romantic relationship, popularized in fanfiction circles.

V: To endorse a romantic relationship.

N: I see a 'ship developing between Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

V: I ship Ron/Hermione

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