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What is big boat?

A set of events, usually beginning with a brilliant idea, that causes excitement, then chaotic tempest, and culminates with an end-product that is better than anyone ever imagined.

A director shouts on set: "Listen people, we're in the middle of a big bang boat revolution here! Quitting is not an option!"

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Big boat - what is it?

The stuff that spurts from the cock of sailors on large racing yachts

I gave that slut a load of big boat jizzy last night
Your a wanker that's full of big boat jizzy

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What does "big boat" mean?

The new extra flow of maxi pad who bitches, and acts like a bitch on her flow of the month.

Big Boat Joe flows on the bloody river with his maxi pad.

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Big boat - what does it mean?

Stands For: Biggest Baller Of All Time


Friend 1: "That dude is the Big BOAT he got with a hot chick last night."

Friend 2: "Na man I am the Big BOAT I got with 2 babes at the same time last night!"

Friend 1: "True. True."

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Big boat - meaning

An over-sized American car that has a wave-like ride. Typically these cars are four-door'ed and have over-sized engines.

That ho M drives a Pontias Parisienne, that sum bitch is a bigger boat than a 59 Caddy.

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