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What is Vehicle?

The act of partaking in a Halo multiplayer session with the sole intent of performing stunts involving the Warthog, Ghost, or Scorpion Tank.

Dude, we tried to get a wicked 4-Xbox Slayer going on, but Jimmy hopped into a Ghost and it turned into vehicle acrobatics.

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Vehicle - what is it?

When your cars tires yeet off the street and you go spinning through the rain.

"YO dad im sorry i wreked your car. I went vehicle skiing and it commited the big destroi."

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What does "Vehicle" mean?

A performance vehicle is any automobile that was built from the factory with speed(performance) in mind. The object of the vehicle is to be quick/fast. Price or where the vehicle was made does not matter only the vehicle's goal is in question.

A performance vehicle is an automobile such as a Ford Mustang GT to a McLaren F1.

Other examples are:

Acura NSX,BMW M5,Toyota Supra,Nissan 300ZX,Mitsubishi 3000GT/GTO,Ford GT,
Dodge Challenger,Chevrolet Corvette.

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Vehicle - what does it mean?

Someone, while playing Halo-like games, who constantly uses vehicles to run around the map, but never really fights like a real man.

Player1: Someone get the rocket launcher, the vehicle whore is at it again.

Player2: Alright I'm on it...that whore is going down.

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Vehicle - meaning

(BUSINESS) in a hostile takeover, the business entity that will be the new owner. Usually a takeover vehicle is a corporation in an industry related to that of the target company.

In cases where the takeover is not NECESSARILY hostile, the term "acquisition vehicle" is used.

In recent years, the PE fund has become a common form of takeover vehicle.

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Vehicle - definition

intentionally douching the car behind you with windshield wiper fluid.

that prius is going 50 in the fast lane, you better vehicle assault them

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Vehicle - slang

When you drive a car off a cliff or off a road by an "accident" during a race, especially in a video game.

Did you see that? Rithed wasn't paying attention and he pulled a vehicle engineer!

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a thing ridden on or inside of that requires great amount of energy it can be substituted easily for 'penis' and related terms

I rode his vehicle last night.

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A movie, particularly one made and promoted to advance the career of a specific actor or actrress

I was bummed when I found out outbreak the book had nothing to do with outbreak the Dustin Hoffman vehicle.

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Shoes Sneakers any footwear

Those are sweet vehicles where did you get them ?

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