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What is meg?

When the soccerball is passed through the legs of an opposing soccer player, because he just got schooled

Short for nutmeg

Good Soccer Player: Dude I just megged that loser!
Other Good Soccer Player: Alright! He owes you an ice cream now!
Bad Soccer Player:It's not my fault I play for El Dorado in Albuquerque!

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Meg - what is it?

Meg has problems, but is good at hiding them. she has blonde hair, with greenish bluish eyes. she can sometimes be rude without noticing, and is extremely honest about how she feels about people. she has favourites in her friendship group, which can change within minutes, or days. overall Meg is a good person, but could be more considerate. :)

she acts like a meg

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What does "meg" mean?

meg is the type of girl that you rarely come across. Once you meet her you will probably either fall in love with her or become her best friend, everybody loves her! She makes you fall in love with her and when you feel like you have her she slips away out of your reach. A meg will usually have gorgeous hair and pretty eyes. Megs usually find it hard to open up so if they do you must mean alot to them. They are also fiercely loyal and will do anything for the people that mean the most to them in the world. They enjoy alone time occasionally and are independent people, however if given the chance they are great fun at parties🥳 she is a strong wonan and doesnt need anyone but herself, she doesn't need a man and usually she wont want a man. Once you meet meg you wont be able to forget her, no matter the time distance or space..

Person 1 : you see that girl? Wow..
Person 2: she must be a meg..

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Meg - what does it mean?

meg is the sexiest girl ever. the best at sex. both giving and receiving is like having the most intense yet romantic sex ever. she will drive you crazy with her looks and personality, almost in a trance with how amazing meg is. she will make you the happiest person. she acts tough, but she is a real baby at heart. she loves a good cuddle!!

have you met my girlfriend meg? phwaaah she’s hella sexy i just want her inside me x

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Meg - meaning

a very beautiful name for the coolest pperson everrrr

meg is cooler than you are

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Meg - definition

a sexy girl who is in love with the hot man who says heh

are you horny for some meg loving?

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Meg - slang

very stupid annoying seen on Family Guy.

Jeeze, you are such a meg.

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short and sweet just like her name..a hot girl with a lot of potential for lovin. shes always got some man chasing after her and she has really cool friends (but nobody likes them).

Guy 1: have you seen meg lately? shes looking pretty fine
Guy 2: yea i really wanted to ask her out but shes already got 3 boyfriends
Guy: my life is over without meg

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to be completely forgotten about.
to be utterly disrespected and hated.
also, another name for alana tavares.

the awkward, strange, unattractive girl that tries a little too hard and is always ditched.

can also be a verb!

to meg: to leave behind.

Hey Meg, get out of here. You smell a little like cat pee.

Uhm, total meg.

Don't meg me! (while running through the halls)

One time, Alana Tavares and her family made an excursion to St. Augustine and her family left her at her grandparents house and completely forgot she was there.

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a girl that is ugly

meg griffin from family guy

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