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What is phenomenon?

When talking to a girl, and all your logic and common sense suddenly disappears and now you’re confused about everything.

Guy 1: Bro I made a plan on how I’m finna ask out this girl, but now I don’t even know if she likes me like that !
Bro: My guy, you’re chilling - You’re just going through the amzilini phenomenon. Take a minute to calm down and read the situation properly !

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Phenomenon - what is it?

When one complains about or asks for help to solve a problem and the problem immediately fixes itself.

Son: Mom! Can you help me with the TV?

Mom: Yes, what's wrong with it?

Son: Never mind, it just turned on. Wow Steven's Phenomenon always works!

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What does "phenomenon" mean?

The feeling of disappointment an adult experiences upon revisiting a favorite childhood film or television show and realizing that it is, and always has been, an enormous pile of shit with no hope for redemption. Nevertheless, some aesthetically retarded Hollywood producer will inevitably try to remake it someday.

Guy 1: I just watched Red Dawn on TNT... remember that one from the 80's? Where the Supreme Soviet gets a wild hair up its ass and decides to invade Colorado for no apparent reason?

Guy 2: Oh yeah, I loved that movie as a kid! Did it hold up after all these years?

Guy 1: No way, dude... total Flipper Phenomenon!

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Phenomenon - what does it mean?

The theory that the aftereffect of prolonged time spent in the presence of an associate, leads to a higher chance of developing a romantic interest in them. The affection could be mutual or one-sided.

Unsubstantiated studies show that this phenomenon also presents itself when an individual's thoughts are consistently filled with any type of reference to the opposite party.

Guy 1: Dude, I think I love this chick.
Guy 2: Could just be the Bierman phenomenon. Spend some time away from her. Think about something else. The feelings will probably go away.

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Phenomenon - meaning

1. a supernatural event where a car approaches and causes delay only when one looks to cross the street or to walk around a car parked next to the curb; while walking along the curb and not crossing the street, cars are not present.
2. may also occur while driving; event where a car approaches one's vehicle only when attempting to move to another lane or when pulling out of traffic.

Ex. 1
Lenny: Darn. Looks like we'll have to walk around the car. Crap, here comes a car. We'll have to wait- again.
Shawn: Jesus! This car phenomenon is out of control.

Ex. 2
Hector: Alright, we have 3 minutes to get to Sarah's house. (signals and looks over left shoulder to check for cars) Not again!
Erin: What's wrong?
Hector: The car phenomenon! The light just turned green and 20 cars are coming. Ugh!

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Phenomenon - definition

The fictional phenomenon describing the possible existence of a self aware AI or government conspiracy which sent every e-mail account in existence a message containing the phrase "Hello world! Thanks for Creating me. I'll Keep an eye on your stuff. Love Gary." at exactly 1AM on January 1st 1997.

The e-mails, having no discernible origin, were formed from messages embedded randomly throughout lines of indecipherable data. The message were even received by computers which were, at the time, not connected to the internet.

Martin: "I just received an e-mail and my computer was not even online"
Clinton: "It's probably just Gary...Haven't you heard of the Gary Phenomenon?"

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Phenomenon - slang

A strange occurrence whereby a number of factors lead to an individual not ever being friend-zoned. The individual is always single and likely not looking for anyone, but is unable to create a friend-zone. They are always very good looking and good around members of the opposite gender.

"No one seems to just want to be friends with me. I just don't get it."
"Are you looking for anyone?"
"No, not really."
"I think you are experiencing the Michael Phenomenon."

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1.Someone who appears to be amazing but probably just thinks they are to gain self recognition.


Matt is a local Phenomenon because he is in a band.

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The result of acquiring a machine and pressing all the right buttons.
See machine for details.

Look at that phenomenon I just made, all thanks this machine!

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An observable fact or event that is strange, mysterious, or amazing. Generally, but not always, used to describe something impressive and out of the ordinary.

The viewers reported the phenomenon of an unknown spacecraft flying over the hill, but managed to get no photos.

The young children were awed by the phenomenon of the magnets pushing away at each other.

It was quite a strange phenomenon to see Brad get a B on his paper.

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