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What is machine?

After drinking and/or smoking too much, the way one can sometimes throw up. Clean and fast, and this person is still able to keep on going. The sight could be compared to water coming from a water fountain statue.

After he chugged 10 beers, he machined like a champ and drank more.

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Machine - what is it?

the type of person that destroys everthing in there path includng fences, road signs and young children, often after alcohol or when the command 'FINISH HIM' is yelled

you walk into a road works sign you shout 'FINISH HIM' then the machine beats the sign until it cannot be recognized

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What does "machine" mean?

anything more advanced than a pitchfork

guy1: thats sum machine

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Machine - what does it mean?

The result of acquisition of a phenomenon and pressing all the wrong buttons.
See phenomenon for details.

Machines are very useful for conjuring those phenomenon.

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Machine - meaning

toronto's WORD FOR A BURNER or GUN

machine in the area don't worry bout nothing

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Machine - definition

The government.

The machine has made many unfair laws.

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Machine - slang

How computer enthusiasts refer to their computers.

Have you seen my new machine play Crysis?

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In ebonics it means "car" or any other type of "vehicle".

That pimp Leroy has a new machine.

The narcs confiscated my machine after they found a pound of coke.

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in London, UK it can mean a gun.

as in "bring your queen leave your machine."

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To do something with a degree of certainty, ample strength, or lasting ability.

Tiger Woods is a golfing machine

That guy just did 1000 sit-ups, he's a machine.

A) Josh can fuck all night long.
B) Yea, he's definetly a machine

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