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What is not ready?

1) Someone who is ready to fuck or be fucked.
2) Used to describe anything that has to do with the state of being "READY."

This coming from that crazy foo, PHIL.

1) This chic looked at me from across the room, looked me up an down, and walked all Hollywood-like to me. Ooooo...she READY.

2) If she ask me what my name is? Pss...mah READY name is Joey.

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Not ready - what is it?

A phrase that can only be used by Han Jisung

"Ready ready ready baby" - Han Jisung

Amazing. Everyone say thank you Han Jisung.

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What does "not ready" mean?

The result of using numpties to manufacture products. The reports cataloging these occurences and the oh oh spaghetti ohs leading to them are known as NCR's.

The customer has just called it appears their product was not completely ready. Can you give them a call back and take some abuse, I'm off to kick some numpties.

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Not ready - what does it mean?

This is an indirect way of referring to oneself as having some extra weight or insufficient tone, necessitating a crash diet and serious exercising before the summer.

When the moment she was dreading could no longer be avoided, Marie found that she was not bikini ready. Sigh!

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Not ready

Translation: You are annoying and our interactions need to end immediately.

Uttered when a person realizes a dating partner is not worth it/crazy. A form of "it's not you, it's me." A lie to quickly end things without hurting the other person's feelings. Often has the opposite effect as the other party may engage in manipulative techniques to avoid a break up. Smooth as butter when it works.

Scenario 1
Person A: Hey I know we've been seeing each other for a while but after a lot of thinking, I'm not ready for a relationship.

Person 2: Oh I see. Well I guess I'll see you around. Thanks for letting me know.

Scenario 2
Person A: Hey I know we've been seeing each other for a while but after a lot of thinking, I'm not ready for a relationship.

Person B: What do you mean? *Insert 3 hours of bs*

Person A: I'm sorry I can't talk about this anymore. *Blocks person B*

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Not ready

A cause under the thuggizzle cares umbrella founded by hip hop artist and community philanthropist thuggizzle. Spreading awareness about teenage pregnancy helps young girls understand the importance of waiting.

Thuggizzle has an outreach program called I'm Too Young And Not Ready for teenagers who get pregnant.

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Not ready

The term to describe one who lacks the necessary level of knowledge,
skill and experience to be considered in the league of experts in a particular field...

The candidate's poor performance in the debate made it clear he/she was

not ready for prime time.

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Not ready

if the person wants something they simply cant handle. you tell them there not ready.

Punter: Yeah ive just started riding bikes and i want the fastest one.

Heston: Your not ready

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Not ready

Used to describe a Little Caesar's Hot-N-Ready pizza that is undercooked or not yet ready to be served. Often the result of its extremely low price attracting a long line of dragon tamers, who put the underpaid staff into a position of serving undercooked pizzas.

Geoff: "You pick up that Hot-N-Ready??"

Mark: "More like Hot-NOT-Ready! There were 25 tamers before me in line and I still got my pizza in 30 seconds. This cheese isn't even melted."

Geoff: "Oh well, chances are we'll end up throwing half of it out the car window anyway"

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Not ready

When you are either

a:not ready for sex
b:not ready for a social life
c: the most important still in love with an ex and know u will never move one

a:guy:lets do it

girl:im not ready asshole

nerd: i guess im just not ready
c:i still love my ex and i will never love my bf

friend:then ur not ready to have a bf

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