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What is lets go?

Things cringy 8 year old fornite players say when they win a game.


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lets go - video

Lets go - what is it?

An attempt to evade a question. Works on the premises that people think they already know the answer and are just looking for confirmation.

Girl A: So the reason you didn't go to prom was because your car broke down?

Girl B: Yeah, let's go with that.

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What does "lets go" mean?

something good to say while fist-pumping

lets go!!! I just banged him out one punch!

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Lets go - what does it mean?

To let your frustratoins, anger, etc. go and not let it stress you out like it has been doing. Letting go means you don't have to stress over whatever you're letting go anymore.

The feelings tied with what you're letting go may still hold a place in your heart, but it is better to let whatever it is go and get on with your life than to let it hold you down and depressed.

They let each other go because they knew it wouldn't do any good staying together. It was a mutual break up.

They've moved on and are living happier lives now. I'm sure they're both happy they let go that stressful relationship.

*...and they lived happily ever after. fin*

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Lets go - meaning

When you love a girl, you have a great time together, you don't get a chance to date, and you end up just getting mad at each other and never talking again. But there is a slight chance you may soon be together again. This situation just really sucks, no matter what. A similar term is "breaking up."

God, it just sucks letting go...

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Lets go - definition

a song stolen from ozzy osbourne ( crazy train). Lil Jon just added some bass.

the original is infinitely better.

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Lets go - slang

next best song by lil' jon

best song is get low ... fosho

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Lets go

a word used to describe the sudden impulse or emotion of excitement during a consequential time in life. It originated from a old wiseman who had nothing to live for but a long lost love by the name of tenis. It is used quite frequently when to persuade another human of the same or diffrernt sex, to intertake in the godly act of love making. It is commonly yelled and screamed and is always necessary and can be used at any time any place.

lets go
no big deal

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Lets go

sumone tellin sumone to fight

guy 1: bitch its me and you after school

guy 2: alright then nigga lets go!

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Lets go

a sign of pure excitment of the moment and unevitable fun is approaching, and one needs a quick way to let people know

mike: You want to play madden online
Mat: hell ya
Mike: get the mic then
....start of game begins
Mike: Lets Go
Mat: Lets Go

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