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What is the answer?

The response to the question of which you do not know.

What is the answer to 100 (times) 5?

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the answer - video

The answer - what is it?

Nortern Irish modern Classic Rock band influenced by Led Zeppelin and Free. The best band out there at the moment. It is a disagrace to all humanity that while crap like Wolfmother are given credit for bringing back Classic Rock The Answer go unnoticed.

"Wolfmother are so cool!!!"
"Yeah but they're Australian hosers, check out The Answer... real Classic Rock!"

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What does "the answer" mean?

any type of reply to a stament or question

i answered jeffs rebutle

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The answer - what does it mean?

Calculated by the most intelligent computer.

The answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42.

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The answer - meaning

The communist front known as Act Now to Stop War and End Racism.

ANSWER can kiss my ass

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The answer - definition

1) Nickname for NBA player Allen Iverson
2) Nickname for the biggest prick in Ashford, Bhuwan. Bhuwan is such a big dumb prick, thinking it is "cool" to get drunk at school. Bhuwan is also a big fan of drawing on all of his possessions and himself in magic marker. What a prick.

"The Answer is such a prick, he thinks drawing on himself in magic marker is cool"

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The answer - slang

Nickname for best shooting guard in the NBA, Allen Iverson

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The answer

The answer you give when you have no answer, but have the power to do as you please.
Extreme level of control mentality.

Citizen: Due to the highly negative impact on the quality of life of this city, we propose to do an in-depth investigation about municipal management of toxic waste.

Politician: The Answer Is No To That.

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The answer


sex is always the answer, it's never the question 'cause the answer's yes

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The answer


Sex is the answer.

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