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What is funniest?

thing which is jus soo funny....!!!!

that is the funniestness thing i have ever heard.

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Funniest - what is it?

Is when clips are shown within a show, and the comments/additions of the announcers/hosts detract from the comedy and/or entertainment of the clip.

RayWilliamJohnson: BALLS.
Jeff: Well, it would have been funny without it.
Bill: RWJ has massive Funniest Home Videos Syndrome.

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What does "funniest" mean?

Accidentally nailing someone in the balls, then before you can apologize or act sympathetic, you are completely overcome with laughter which you then must apologize through.

I America's Funniest Home Video'd Max earlier with the dodge ball.... I felt horrible, but man it was funny. He's still mad.

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Funniest - what does it mean?

A show where you watch supposedly humorous home video clips of people. 90% of the "funny" stuff is people randomly falling down or tripping over something.

"Hay man did u watch America's Funniest Home Videos?? The guy fell down!! HAHA!"

"Yea. It was.. unfunny. To say the least."

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Funniest - meaning

A phrase used to describe a situation that is funny but should never happen...ever.

Used in situations when something is funny but you should not be laughing.

A.C.: Hey B, how was father's day?
B: My adopted dad told me I was actually his son.
A.C. Haha that's the funniest-thing-never.

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Funniest - definition

Urban dictionary

This website has all the Stupidest and funniest definition

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Funniest - slang

A saying when someone is on the couch with at least one more person & truly believes they are the funniest person, but to humble their stance, they mention their physical presence in the room.

Biebs thought he was hilarious, but knowing he had legit competition that night, he claimed himself the funniest person on the couch.

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The state in which you love everyone and everything is immensely attractive, after having consumed a large quantity of alcohol.

OR the state in which when you fall down, you have to hold onto the floor out of the fear of falling off.

The state were you go around and do crazy things cause your a crazy drunk.

That Bobby Leane is one of the Funniest Drunk.

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A gay male that despite their homosexuality has a great sense of humor and is funny as shit

Neil Patrick Harris is the funniest faggot he's fuckin hilarious in Harold & Kumar

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Funniest means, that it was a great time, and or place

"That was the Funniest time I've ever had."
"Thats the Funniest place I've been."

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