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What is charts?

When you chortle and end up sharting.

chortle + shart = chart

"Oh fuck guys I just charted"

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Charts - what is it?

Uber-good Canadian music magazine filled with all kinds of new-rock goodies.

I only buy Chart magazine so I can read the interview with Nardwuar the Human Serviette.

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What does "charts" mean?

When you shart so hard it runs down your leg and into your shoe.

Charting so hard i'm going to have to buy new shoes.

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Charts - what does it mean?

Happens when you are having sex and the pressure between the girls boobs and the guys chest expels rapidly making a farting noise kind of like an armpit fart except from the chest.

I was banging my chick last night and she ended up charting like four or five times.

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Charts - meaning

To mark or Tally something up

Hey yo kid, chart that point up

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Charts - definition

The top # in music stuff.
A listing where people with many hits get listed.

"He reached the charts"

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Charts - slang

Originating from 'The Chart', a college newspaper that increasingly makes careless errors and typos, 'Chart' is described as making a blatant and ignorant mistake: verbally or physically.

Did you see Jimmy say that Hitler was in WWI? He really pulled a Chart.

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(adjective) exceptionally good; transcends a traditional ranking system; short for "off the charts"

that stripper's face was a bit janky, but her boobs were off the charts!

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(adjective) exceptionally good; something that transcends a traditional ranking system; short for "off the charts"

That strippers face was buckled, but her boobs were charts.

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Adj- Origin: (Introduced in the streets of Renton Washingont) Short for "Off the Charts". An Adjective describing something extremely good, better or awesomer than anything else in it's comparable chart.

"OMG, that 64 Impala is sooooo charts" "Dude, I am charts at Madden, I will crush you" "Can you believe how charts that girl at Couloon Beach was?"

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