Definder - what does the word mean?

What is folder?

Opposite of a wadder

You wouldn't have stopped up our shitter if you would have folded

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Folder - what is it?


Outhere Brothers, Boom Boom Boom:
"Grab your shoulder
bend you over
Slip my penis inside your folder"

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What does "folder" mean?

defecation -a 'def' that tries to exit the toilet bowl sideways, causing double thickness and extending the joy of its' visit for a second flush.

cut me a flop and tried to flush, but it was a fucking folder! i had to baby-sit it for another go-round!

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Folder - what does it mean?

The act of putting multiple folders on your desktop to cover a naked wallpaper of a female. Usually the folders are arranged to form a bikini or other clothing items.

"Dude, at home I was totally foldering this hot chick."

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A slang term for japaniese animated pornogaphy known as henti.

Corbyn is watching folder

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Someone who folds, using spare computer capacity.
A contibutor to Stanford University's Folding at Home project.

As you have such a powerful computer, and don't use it a lot, why not become a folder?

He's some folder: seven PCs folding and he wants to build three more!

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Container for organizing and storing files.

See: file.

I have all the files in a folder in my desk.

I copied all the files to a new folder.

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Generally ( by gangsters and old rap artists ) refers to a criminal record. They use this to make people shut up.

Person : Hello, do you li---
Gangster : yo what you doin' gettin' all up in my shit, bitch I ain't got time fo' dis' shit, I gotta go get the needle fo' what I done. so get outta here and put it on my folder fool.

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A combination of getting fatter and older

It's amazing how much folder I feel today

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A technical term used by the toilet paper industry to describe a person who neatly folds the toilet paper over itself before cleansing themselves. Opposite of a crumpler.

Man 1: How do you wipe your ass?
Man 2: Oh, I'm a folder.

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