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What is feeble?

When you take your feeblest friend and roll them up into their own mattress to make them look like a human burrito.

Damn Nick, you just put Levi into a feeble burrito. SLOTH KIll!

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Feeble - what is it?

An inability to complete basic tasks as a direct result of being hungover

I was unable to drive today due to a severe case of the feebles

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What does "feeble" mean?

Grease ball. Frail, ugly weedy girl. The slightest wind or breeze would knock her dead on the floor. Poor feebs!

"Omg amy is so feeble!"

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Feeble - what does it mean?

1. (n) Another word for thing
2. (n) The name of a 16th Century Duesanish Warrior in the battle of Zuma.

1. Hey, did you see that hot ass feeble over there? She was like DAMN!

2. Feeble was an amazing warrior, everyone in the American army should be more like him.

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Strong minded; Powerful individual.

You are a very feeble minded person.

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a)Someone who cannot handle their cannabis, and whities easily from a small amount.
b)A weak pathetic individual who couldn't stand up for themselfs if they had an AK.

*Guy whities from spliff*
"aaah you feeble cunt!"

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A grind in which the front whell rolls on the object and your back peg grinds the object

Yo I just pulled a sick feeble.

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1.) Mentally and/or physically weak.
2.) Awful at making comebacks and getting girls.
3.) Anything pertaining to Garann

1.) "Garann is a feeble f*ck!"
2.) "Hey, Garann is more feeble than that midget!"
3.) "Garann is too feeble to be part of the Cool Zone."

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1. Physically and/or mentally weak
2. Lacking in force, strength, effectiveness, and attractiveness
3. Not good at getting girls or making good comebacks
4. Being, or being like Garann

1.) "Garann is a feeble fuck!"
2.) "Hey, that midget is less feeble than Garann."

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1. Physically or mentally weak. Lacking physical strenght or health.

2. Unlikely to convince. Weak arguments or exuses.

People and things can be feeble (weak).

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