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What is definately?

'Definately' enjoys a subtly different meaning from 'definitely'.
If some item x is definitely f (i.e. it definitely has the property of f-ness), then it must be f in some perfect, absolute, non-finite way.
By contrast, if some item x is definately f then x is f by definition, or is the very definition of f-ness.
The former is an ontological claim, whereas the latter is conceptual/semantic.
That's why all us clever people who spell by rational deduction rather than blind repetition use both spellings, to distinguish our precise meanings.

Of course when they bring the maple syrup after the pancakes, it'll definately be too late.

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Definately - what is it?

How dyslexic retards spell "definitely"

I am dyslexic, therefore I am most definately a looser

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What does "definately" mean?

The correct spelling of the word "definitely" in an alternate universe. Just like Berenstein bears (previous universe) and Berenstain bears (current universe).

That statement is definately true.
That shirt definately looks eshy.

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Definately - what does it mean?

A word used in place of "definitely" by the same people who write (or say) "agreeance" in place of "agreement" and "grammer" in place of "grammar".

We are definately in agreeance that your grammer is impeccable.

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"definitely," as blogged, emailed, or texted by a complete moron.

"There is definately at least one A in 'definitely.'"

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The most common spelling of the word "definitely" in internet forums, comment pages, and chat rooms. If you pay attention, you will find that "definitely" is actually the second or third most common spelling. Alternatives include "definatly", "definetly", or best of all "defiantly".

Microsoft's Zune is Definately no iPod - and the person who made that digg post is definitely no English major.

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The wrong way to spell definitely.

Bro: I got a 700 on my SATs! I am definately going places.

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The modern mis-spelling of definitely seen in almost every modern example where a spell checker was not deployed, most commonly in internet chat, probably from its mis-pronunciation by modern youth and/or being confused with unfortunately.

Yeh, man! Definately!!

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The word many people use to spell 'definitely' until they suddenly realise they've been spelling it the wrong way.

Woah, I've been spelling it wrong all my life! That's definitely whack!

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Idiot-speak for "definitely". One of the most common moronic misspellings found on the internet.

The new Backstreet Boys CD is, like, definately the best thing ever.

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