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What is complimentary?

Every horror game- Kubz Scouts

give me all of your complimentary horror game flashlight biotch

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Complimentary - what is it?

When two people in a relationship, have different personal issues, but get along well; ie: his strengths are her weaknesses and visa versa.

Joe and Jen were both dysfunctional, but they get along so well it must be complimentary dysfunction.

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What does "complimentary" mean?

Sardonic and sarcastic praise that lays it on thick (see facial).

Boy, Mr Peterson sure gave her a complimentary facial and she was none the wiser.

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Complimentary - what does it mean?

Noun. Complimentary Tap can be defined as having sex with a women that would not normally suit your scale of standards.

Alright dude, I'll give her the complimentary tap so you could get some nice poonani.

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Complimentary - meaning

The one required toilet flush at the end of one's defecation. unlike a courtesy flush , which is not required, this is a mandatory flush in toiletry etiquette.

I wish John had used a courtesy flush so he wouldn't stink up the bathroom, but at least he remembered the complimentary flush after taking a shit.

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Complimentary - definition

When a group of guys go out they bring along a hot girl, so that they look cooler and less intimidating to other women.

They brought her to the bar as a complimentary girl

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Complimentary - slang

The complimentary is when you sneak back to the toilet to sort out what you should’ve the first time. Whether you were rushed to wipe properly or just ran out of toilet paper.

At the building site Robbo asks Smithy “where’s Jacko?” Smithy replies “oh he’s not wiped his ass properly so he’s gone back for a complimentary”

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Complimentary - a word the Urban Dictionary currently has no definition of - why? Does the Urban not know of Complimentary relationships or otherwise? Nature designed Men and Women to be Complimentary to one another. Millions of years of Complimentary relationships resulting in human evolution yet the Urban Dictionary has no definition of such relationships. I guess if it ain't got sarcasm, devaluation, distrust and snark then it aint Urban.

Hi I'm a Complimentarian - I Complimentary - I compliment you - I'm your other half - wanna get a burger?

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