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What is chris?

God of the human race. Most respected human walking the face of the earth. Best trumpet player there is.

He's just like a Chris! He's hot and sexy too!

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Chris - what is it?

the most sweet,handsome,and amazing boyfriend ever!

i love you chris

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What does "chris" mean?

1. dude on family guy who is afraid of a monkey in his closet.

2. That dude who is always stealing your girlfriend, aka A Brad, or A Jeff... (common names for users)

3. The goofball in your high school that u used to remember.

4. St. Christopher, The act of putting one over their head or sholder and crossing a body of water. Have fun!
the myth that he was blessed when he took Jesus over his sholders, and passed a river. This makes for one of the best games ever. You can race, endurance, different stuff, but it makes for the best time ever if your bored as hell.

1, Chris, that dude on family guy is dumb as hell, but awesome.

2 That dickhead Chris stole my gf again.

3. Remember when Chris s*** himself in class?

4. Yo! Aaron! Lets play St. Christopher!

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Chris - what does it mean?

the name for the most absolutely perfect man in the entire world,he makes you want to spend the rest of ur life with him every time he speaks to you and he makes the stupidest things hillarious,usually comes with a super sexxy tanned body,a hot aussie accent,beautiful blue eyes,perfect lips, a GIGANTIC COCK and a cute lisp to top it all off,tends to have great jobs like scientist or kangaroo racer and will soon be married more than likely,if you find a chris,NEVER LET HIM GO

i love chris,he is absolutely pefect,im gonna marry him,i swear

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Chris - meaning

best guy at under-the-influence sex. will never need viagra. Also, sometimes loves to scare kids with chainsaws. has a very attractive tush

chainsaw noise...
there's chris

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Chris - definition

The cheapest guy on earth. He would sell his own limbs for a price. This is the guy that totals up his and his wife's share of the bill at the restaurant and forgets they had all that wine, but thinks that he is a generous son-of-a-bitch. He's the guy that will rip off his friends and his family to save a buck. He is a hoarder of course and lives like a bum but has copious amounts of money that he will never spend. He has no friends left in the world as he has ripped them all off and they all eventually caught on. He is a sociopath but somehow has escaped jail, as he is curiously lucky. He thinks he deserves more than he has and is a bitter bag of shit. Everyone that knows a Chris loathes him is waiting for Chris to die so that their lives will be better.

chris cheapest chris not generous chris bum chris hoarder chris money chris loathe

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Chris - slang

The man of my dreams, a man who is always happy never stops smiling, makes me feel as if I could fly, a man to spend the rest of my life with.

Have you met my chris he's the man of my dreams!

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is a slang for huge cock

like incredibly huge.

oh man I wish I had a chris in me.

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he lit fye allways fun to hang out with. girls should hit the line

the party is going to be lit if chris is there

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Chris is a guy who is usually very good a basketball and will probably end up in the NBA. He's a great friend to have because he keeps it real so don't do him wrong. Tons of people thinks he's a player because he gets all the hoes, but really he just has this one girl who he won't ever let go because she tops the rest. Chris is just a all around cool guy. get you a chris.

That guy is such a chris!

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