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What is bustin?

Doing all sorts of crazy things in an insane, but professional manner. Almost always involving physical activities, normally held Outdoors, and in either remote locations, or in plain public view. Bustin' is a new "Sport" Created by Bustin Justin himself, to put a definition for and after all the things he does. Most in which involved the destruction of someone or something in the vacinity or his actions.

"I will be Bustin today." He's pretty Bustin' right now." "That's Bustin'!"

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Bustin - what is it?

Landing tight tricks skating

gunna be bustin today bro

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What does "bustin" mean?

to be messing up.

no time 4 messin up, bustin up, jus cant lesin up, keep da stressin up.

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Bustin - what does it mean?

noun. anyone who ejaculates on themselves during a school dance while dancing with a girl with a mustache.

Wow, bustin just busted all over himself again.

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Bustin - meaning

To leave somewhere, also "bustin from". Like "dipping" or "dipsetting" but cooler.

"Holla brotha"
"Whut's good, nigguh?"
"Just bustin from dis ghey jam."
"Alright, peace."

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Bustin - definition

Of Southern Background
Meaning Tasting really really good.

Damn son this chicken is Bustin!

Wow these collard greens are bustin.

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Bustin - slang

Justin's bust. Bust has many meanings itself, so 'bustin' can be used in many ways.

Have you seen bustin today? It's looking quite good.

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an air performed at the top of a wave on a surfboard or other wave riding device rusulting in the fins leaving the water.

"whoa bro, i was in the surf today and the waves were hollow and everyone was bustin'"

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Any given act which provides satisfaction to the person doing same.

Bustin' makes me FEEEL GOOOD.

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Any given act which provides satisfaction

Bustin' makes me FEEEL GOOOD.

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