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What is busted in?

1. The act of ejaculation
2. To incur severe physical damage by physical action or otherwise
3. The act of getting arrested
4. Used to describe a broken object
5. When something, usually an event, is a big let down.
6. A rundown building or location, usually one in the entertainment business.

1. It was the best handjob ever, i couldn't help but bust my load all over her face.
2. I'm about to bust a cap in yo ass; Bust his skull in!
3. Davey got busted for trying to buy alcohol with a fake I.D.
4. This TV's busted, call a repair man
5. That party was a total bust, I didn't get my dick sucked once!
6. I'm serious, that strip joint was a bust, the girls were ugly, the poles were dirty, and my vodka tasted like spit.

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busted in - video

Busted in - what is it?

(1) To beat up or to physically attack
(2) To verbally tease or skewer someone either in a joking or mean spirited fashion with the intention of embarrassing or humiliating them; similar to “cracking on” someone.

They bust on me because I came to work with two different shoes and didn't know it.

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What does "busted in" mean?

A way to describe a very ugly female, who can barely be described as female. A "busted" female is not even considered for Mercy Sex simply because they are so ugly.

Yo Jamal, I saw you with your chick at the movies, she so busted she couldn't even get a date with a convicted killer in jail for the past 50 years. Wanna go to KFC?

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Busted in - what does it mean?


I told mah gurl that I was studyin last night but I went to the party, right? Man, she showed up and I got BUSTED doin her homegirl!

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Busted in - meaning

A total failure, a complete waste of time.

Man, nothing went right, today was a total bust.

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Busted in - definition

(In drag) being unpolished or messy.

Gurl, her look tonight was busted.

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Busted in - slang

1. To orgasm.
2. To shoot a gun.
3. To rap.
4. Punch someone in the muh' fuckin' melon.
5. Action taken in a car.
6. Police action.

1. I'm gonna bust a nut!
2. Bust a cap in his mark-ass!
3. Bust a rhyme foo'!
4. I'm'a bust your fuckin' grill out!
5. Bust a right at tha next corner.
6. Joey got busted for selling caps to an undercover po.

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Busted in

1. noun, A hot and heavy pursuit of nefarious activity.
2. proper noun, A name for someone who is about to committ said busty activity.
NOTE: This is the most versatile phrase or word in the UrbanDictionary. It can be used to describe such nefarious acts such as having sex, taking drugs or other acts that many in society may look down upon a person for. Committing such acts has been known to bring about paranoia in those with a guilty conscience and extreme pleasure in those without. This can also be used in general as 'a bust', as in "Let's go out a create a bust." One other use the adjective form which is 'busty', as in "That plan sounds a little busty."

1. That plan of Tyrone's is the bust. He is gonna get caught fo' shizzle my nizzle.
2. Man, that guy is The Bust! He has DEA written all over him. Stay away from him.

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Busted in

or nothing
or die trying

"NYC or bust!" (sometimes seen on signs held by hitchhikers in the days approaching New Years Eve).

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Busted in

To be busted by your significant other for staring at another woman's breasts.

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