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What is bombardier?

Same as Pilot to co-pilot but instead of being placed adjacent to each other the 2 toilets are placed facing away from each other while sharing the same back rest.

guy "hey i was thinking about taking our relationship to the next level.."
friend "are you sure about this? going pilot to bombardier is a big commitment"
guy "yea im sure"

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Bombardier - what is it?

"Bombardiers Syndrome": Causing harm to others, faceless others, so far removed, that one can almost feel that they didn't do it... e.g. insurance company executives, and credit card collections...

That guy has got serious Bombardiers Syndrome. He doesn't give a shit what happens to those people, he doesn't even know who they are...

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What does "bombardier" mean?

To slap someone with their penis. (e.g. certain scenes on jackass or viva la bam)

I totally just bombardi slapped you in the face! pwnt.

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Bombardier - what does it mean?

Dick slapping someone in the face while they are sleeping

Bill was passed out on the couch from drinking too much at the frat house, some of the frat brothers were paying cards and John said someone needs to go over there and give Bill an ol' Bombardi smack since he pussed out so fast...

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The act of swinging on a chandelier, while wearing flight goggles, grabbing your penis as if controlling an airplane, making plane noises, and dropping a mad duce directly upon your woman below you.

Last night I gave my girl a German Bombardier.

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It is when a parent/parents bring an infant to a "Clearly Adult" or inappropriate venue shamelessly because they are typically older or younger parents with a serious case of FOMO( fear of missing out). Some of the events you see this occur are; Movie Theaters, Night Clubs, Raging Parties, Bars, Concerts, Guys or Girls night out, and the occasional strip club.

The Swan and I were having a great time at the party until hearing the constant crying from the infant in the corner, "who the hell invited that Baby Bombardier anyway!"

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The friend who saves you from unwanted advances. The opposite of a wing man or wing woman.

1) Grace: Hey Lacy, be my bombardier, this dude won't leave me alone.

2) Jeff: Greg, dude, thanks for being my bombardier, that chick was way too intense.

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A junior rank held in Artillery military units. Equivalent rank to Corporal in the Army. Bombardiers will possess highly developed weapon handling skills compared to junior leaders of other Corps.

The Bombardier loaded the breech of the gun. The Bombardier was always the life of the party.

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When a gentleman raises an erection in an inappropriate environment.
Also, as a demonstration by a gentlemen to his compadres when an occasion demanding an erection occurs.

> Look at that children’s performer!
> Bombardier!

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A Freanch-Canadain company which few have heard about but almost everyone has made use of. While the unsuspecting public was going about its busniess, the french-speaking Canadians quickly and quietly invented and manufactured hundreds and hundreds of commonly used machienes such as the ski doo, the subway, and the commercial plane. Don't believe me? Next time you go on a plane, train, or automobile; check to see who made it!

Guy: "Look who made this subway"
Dude: "Bombardier? Who the hell are they?"
Guy: "I don't know but they're everywhere!"
Dude: "lol they're probably gonna take over the world when we're not looking"
Piere Bombardier: "No they're catching on!"

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