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What is army guy?

An often under appreciatted branch of the miltary since the official seperation of the Marines from the Navy. A more stable fighting force then the Marines. Marines strike and go,whereas the Army gains and keeps control of the areas that have been weakened by the military.

First we weaken the area with an attack by Marines, next we send the Army to hold the ground.

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Army guy - what is it?

1. A large body of people organized and trained for land warfare.
2. A tactical and administrative military unit consisting of a headquarters, two or more corps, and auxiliary forces.
3. Where Marines are trained to use Armor, the Air Force and Navy received their start in aviation, and the professional soldiers that not only take and control tactical positions on the modern battlefield, but maintain these positions under severe and adverse conditions.

Often mocked by Marines (bullet sponges), Navy (squids), and Airforce (too many silly names to list). Rivalry is encouraged among the different branches of the military, as a way to buid "espres de corp".

As a side note, the Army trains the only Cavalry Units in the modern US Military, and as any Scout will tell you: "If you ain't CAV, you ain't SHIT".

I joined the Army to learn valuable skills in anticipation of putting myself through college with the Montgomery GI Bill. That's why I learned to drive Bradleys, fire crew-served weapons, call for Arty, and use C4 on bridges.

What the hell was I thinking? Only Cops in LA need those skills.

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What does "army guy" mean?

The things kept in your sleevies.

Also how idiots say Army.

Have you seen my Armies?
No, because all I see are your sleevies.

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Army guy - what does it mean?

An “ARMY” is a worldwide fan base of the very popular and humble group, BTS or 방탄소년단. They consist of any invidiuals who are respectful and listens to the K-Pop male group.

Because I love BTS so much, I became an ARMY.

The BTS fan base is called ARMY.

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Army guy

When a limb - generally an arm - is amputated and the amputee uses the remaining limb to pleasure his/her partner.

Almost like a "handie", but actually completely different.

"Sam may have had his arm amputated, but at least he could now give good armies with the stump that was left."

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Army guy

A.R.M.Y is the fandom name for BTS

-breaking records since 2013

- site crashers

Bts :"you can hurt us but not our army"
Army : "you can hurt us but not bts"

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Army guy

ARMYs are a gigantic tribe of noble humans spread across the globe, with a strong family bond and exquisite taste in music. They are completely devoted to the 7 Founding Fathers of Namkanda (also known as BTS) under the leadership of His Excellency, President Kim Namjoon.

ARMYs are most known for: charity & humanitarian work, working to destroy racism, breaking records & setting new ones & then breaking THOSE records, Bangtan evangelism, and general crackheadery.

"Why the hell is 'BTS as onions' trending worldwide?"
"ARMYs being jobless again."

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Army guy

A.R.M.Y (아미) which stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth. They are known as the fans of the famous south korean boy group, BTS.

hey are you an ARMY? yes i am bitch, hobi is my sunshine

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Army guy

Being an ARMY. The act of loving, supporting and promoting BTS. It includes activities like buying and streaming their music, voting for BTS in award shows and loving yourself.

casual ARMY(1): hey, what's up?
casual ARMY(2): I'm just ARMYing. Finished today's voting for the BBMAs and currently streaming Persona.

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Army guy

A guy with more than two arms.

A:"my sister dated an army guy once.."
B:"orly, how army was he?"
A:"he had 3 arms".

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