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What is able?

Stands for Asian Basketball League: What happens when a whole bunch of Asian guys get into any university or inner city gym and start playing some pickup b-ball. It is often characterized by an impressive plethora of mad handles ankle breakers and totally sweet hairdo's, but a curious lack of elegance with regards putting the ball through the hoop.

"Dude, I was playing some pickup today at the Y and this sick AZN kid shook me so hard, but then stuffed himself with the rim."

"That's the ABL for you."

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Able - what is it?



black female who is angry and won't let u talk, typically they're seeking help but are unwilling to listen to solutions.

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What does "able" mean?

Anybody But Lakers syndrome

A syndrome that occurs, usually in or around the month of May where a Laker hater jumps onto the band wagon of any and every team that the Los Angeles Lakers face. The band wagon jumping is usually accompanied by loudly proclaiming that the opposing team (and/or its individual players) is the second coming, and a lock to defeat Kobe and company.

Hater: "Denver is gonna wipe the floor with Lakers."
Fan: "Don't worry about him, he just suffers from ABL."

The Very Same Hater, just 10 days later: "Utah is the truth. They're just too physical for the Lakers. Utah ftw!"
Another Fan: Sounds like somebody's ABL is acting up."

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Able - what does it mean?

A legendary name given to the man who fought alongside Abraham Lincoln during the Battle of Little Big Horn. It is said that a man carrying this name would have only one known weakness, triceps. When approached by an "Ables" try not to look him in the eyes he has been known to steal souls.

1. Did you hear that "Ables" killed a gorilla last week.
2. Only an "Ables" has the power to defeat the darkside.

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Acronym for Absolute Bloody Legend. Can be used to describe someone who you think is ridiculous, or genuinely admire. Context sensitive.

he/she's a total ABL.

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somthing you say to someone to make them run to their mom and cry like a little bitch

"shoot i said able dont tell mom"said friend
"ohh im tellen on you to mom"said little bitch

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grafitti artist located it Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Part of the ACL.

Check out that throw up by able

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large in size, an abundance, huge, big. used as an adjective.

That child got an able head!
Did you see her able butt trying to fit in those skinny jeans?

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what you say when theres an acward silence

ummmm ABLE

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1. Not disabled.
2. A walking, seeing, breathing, talking, hearing human.
3. A person of perfect health.

Able: Can I have a pop?
Gimp: Alright able, walk over there and grab one.

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