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What is a million?

When something is really cool or right.

Did you see that play? That’s big million.

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a million - video

A million - what is it?

10 to the power of 6, a large number used in figured language to exaggerate things to a much larger capacity.

Rich person: A million dollars to me, kid, is nothing but pocket money.
Mathematics: 1,000,000
Figured language: A million dreams is the key to shaping our future.

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What does "a million" mean?

When you haven't done something in a long time...

Just like "In a minute," but it makes more sense to older people...

John: Dude, I just rode my bike around tha block.

Jenn: Whoa, I have done that "In a million."

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A million - what does it mean?

One million (1,000,000) or one thousand thousand, is the natural number following 999,999 and preceding 1,000,001. The word is derived from the early Italian millione.

Bob: I just won a Million dollars from the lottery!

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A million - meaning

The act or Process of Making a Million.

How do you make a million dollars? You get one dollar and you millionize it.

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A million - definition

A word commonly used as a "rough estimate" of a quantity
Largely overused, now is almost as worthless as something being "awesome."
Overly used by people who probably have bad grammar

See: bajillion or zillion

Person 1: Dude, there's like a million cupcakes in this box, man!!
Person 2: Uh, there's actually only five.
Person 1: Oh, yeah.....

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A million - slang

ten to the power of six or one thousand squared

sydney kid: less than a million people live in Canberra
math nerd: 1,000,000 or 10^6
rich person: I earn a million dollars per year

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A million

To say something is going at a high level

Yo that girl's breath is on a million.

It's cold as fuck it here. Nigga got this AC on a million.

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A million

how many defenitions i have on this site

dude i have a million defenitions on this site

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A million

A generic term for a very large number.

Q: How many people have reviewed Yelp! on Yelp!?
A: Like...a million!
Q: NO WAI! Totally 1094, dumb a**.

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