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What is THE CLOUD?

A way of expressing how "high" you are

John: "That last hit got me wasted"
Tim: "Yeah, after that I'm in the clouds"

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THE CLOUD - what is it?

A part of being burnt, a state of mental unclarity that pops up at random times during the day. The cloud fogs up your brain and makes it very hard to concentrate or pay attention. The cloud comes and goes as it pleases and passes in about half hour before it strikes again.

Shit, dude, I had the cloud all through bio today.

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What does "THE CLOUD" mean?

What the internet has become since it's widespread ability to be connected to wirelessly from any location through 3G networks and Wifi

All worship the Cloud, for it is everywhere and all around us.

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THE CLOUD - what does it mean?

An annoying excuse for a place to put your files. They say you are secure, but who believes those guys.

I just lost all of my computer data to the cloud.

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Storing data or files using a computer network anywhere other than on the computer device that your using.

In other words, a catch phrase that people will start using when they realise they don't need to store music or movies onto their ipod or PC.

I'll just watch that movie on the cloud.

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Used to refer to the Internet, based on how it is depicted in network diagrams.

There's a wealth of information available in the cloud.

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A fancy name for technology that is as old as the internet. "The Cloud" is just a buzzword for web based services.

Jim: I'll just put the documents on our FTP server so that everyone can see them.
Samantha: That sounds too complicated, why don't you put it on the cloud?
Jim: ...

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What nerds call the internet.

Paul: I'll just find my daytimer and...

Dave: Daytimer?! What is this, 1965? I just sync my iPhone and my MacBook Air through the cloud!

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A Web server or servers that are not understood by the user of the term.

What do you mean it won't work? I can just send it to The Cloud, can't I? THE CLOUD?

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A fairy-tail like place where computers work perfectly 100% of the time.

Servers never crash, applications run flawlessly, disks never fill up, and viruses cease to exist. Even user-error ceases to exist, because The Cloud won't let it.

Programmer: "Sir, our servers are slow, our application sucks, and our employees are idiots. Larry just ran DEL *.* in the system folder by accident!"

IT Manager: "Don't sweat it, man...we're moving TO THE CLOUD. Pretty soon we'll bring lawn-chairs to work and spend our work-week beatin' Asian kids at online poker."

User: "Wait...can The Cloud really fix all that? What about our broken app and all the viruses?"

Manager: "Never. Doubt. The Cloud."

User: "Well the marketing material does say even a monkey can do it. Step 1: Move to The Cloud. Step 2: Make it Rain on 'dem Hoes."

Manager: "Brilliant"

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