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What is Lincoln Log?

When someone attemps to shove old poop in someone elses butt

Oh he totally just got the Lincoln Log!

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Lincoln Log - video

Lincoln Log - what is it?

A single man or woman that is of African descent that is floating in a pool or jacuzzi.

Hey Ray Ray, check out that Lincoln Log in the pool down there!"

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What does "Lincoln Log" mean?

The sexual act of putting on a top hat, beard, and mole while taking a poo on the chest of your partner forming a small house.

Tyler gave Thiago a mean lincoln log last night.

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Lincoln Log - what does it mean?

When a cadet at West Point becomes sexually aroused during a class or meeting in Lincoln Hall his/her erection is called a 'Lincoln Log'.

CDT X: "Have you seen those paintings in Lincoln Hall?"

CDT Y: "Yeah, dude. I go up to the second floor during class sometimes. There's one painting of a naked woman, it totally gives me a Lincoln Log."

CDT X: "Yeah, same. It's so sick when the instructors forget to lock the doors to Lincoln Hall. I can't tell you how many times I've gone in there and beat Navy."

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Lincoln Log - meaning

Lincoln Log (noun)
A type of feces that is particularly long, resulting in your feces to stick out of the toilet and touch your anus.

Stephen enjoys planting Lincoln Logs in his mother's mouth.

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Lincoln Log - definition

A roll of pennies that is placed in ones ass

Guy: I need to go to the bank, I'm fresh out of Lincoln Logs

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Lincoln Log - slang

When a group of people deficate into ones toilet one on top of the other in a continuous fashion without flushing or the use of toilet paper.

When I returned to my home after a break, I was annoyed to see my roommates had lincoln logged my toilet while I was gone.

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Lincoln Log

Poor lesbians makeshift dildo. Ability to increase girth with duct tape.

I like the Licoln Log deep in my vagina. Who's up for a Lincoln Log ride?

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Lincoln Log

When one person is taking a shit, another person sits across their lap sideways. This can be repeated over and over like Lincoln Logs.

My buddy and I both had to shit but there was only one toilet. We had no choice but to Lincoln Log.

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Lincoln Log

The beaded turds that hurt to push out and remind you of something you found in your Mom's dresser once

I ripped a lincoln log recently and it almost tore up my butthole!

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