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What is Jana?

The ship name cutest and most amazing couple of the year.<3333333

Jana is the best couple ever!

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Jana - meme gif

Jana meme gif

Jana - video

Jana - what is it?

she’s hella sexy, and has a hourglass figure. Sometimes she can be crazy and weird, she’s so loveable and cuddly.

The guy that gets to be with is a lucky man. All the guys always crush on her like crazy. she’s a tiny petite girl. She hot and beautiful. The girls tend to get jealous of her. She’s a hot chick.

Boy:”dude I love Jana she’s way to hot I’m in love with her.”
Other boy:”back off she’s mine”

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What does "Jana" mean?

The most beautiful girl in the whole world, I love Jana more than anyone else in my life

I love you Jana

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Jana - what does it mean?

Jana is quite an average afrikaanse name, mostly a girls name. They have the cutest prettiest smiles and they'll always tell a joke, even in serious matters. They make embarrassing mistakes but still laugh it off. Jana is a smart girl, always making the right decisions

Me: Hey Jana howd the test go
Jana: I just got fullmarks that's all

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Jana - meaning

A beautiful woman, commonly seen with mainly guys. Love disney anything, wishes everyday life had more excitement. Dreams that Pokemon would exist, so she could catch them all. Mainly sarcastic, but have a good heart. Her head is definitely in the right place. Amazing at anything she sets her mind to.

Janna is the completely opposite of everything above, never spell her name like that.

You know that Jana girl, she is cool, weird dreams, but I'd totally do her.

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Jana - definition


Heyyy my name is Jana, wassup

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Jana - slang

Girl who is a hopeless romantic, and has a free spirit. Mess with her and she will not back down.

Stubborn, but loyal, loving and is mostly very tiny in size.

Little spitfire.

dude youre so jana

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One hot mommacita. Anyone who encounters one should consider themselves very lucky because she is amazing all around. Any woman you encounter in this world will not be perfect, until you encounter a Jana. They are a rare sighting but when you find one you will never forget her. Smart, sexy, and loving? You just can't beat a Jana.

Good God Jana is perfect.

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A good friend that always has you back. No matter what situation. That girl you meet as a kid. You have been friends with her ever since

Wow. That girl Jana is such a good friend.

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The most intellectual individual you will ever meet and may I add BEAUTIFUL inside & out. Smart, sexy, sophisticated, STELLAR and hella out of this world. Her mind is beyond the stars. She can out think you at any given moment. Some people think she's crazy, dangerous, powerful and straight up WEIRD. But she's just a JANA.

JANA is a spy

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