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What is Go Fuck yourself?

A phrase that usually has a negative connotation, like "go away" or "back off". But lately can be used as a polite expression such as "have a nice day," as long as the person saying uses a polite intonation. Try saying "Go Fuck yourself" politely and see the response.

That will be $5.37. Thank you and Go Fuck Yourself,

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Go Fuck yourself - what is it?

This is a common phrase, which people often over-complicate.

In fact, it means exactly what it says:

GO: Go, get hence, vacate yrself from here. And instead:
FUCK: Fuck, shag, accost, effect carnal intercourse with:
YOURSELF: You, yourself, you.

Whaddya mean what do I mean go fuck yourself?
Go. Fuck. Yourself.
You. Wanker.

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What does "Go Fuck yourself" mean?

When a person has been agitated to the point were they ask the agitator to kindly go and have sex with themselves. This of course Is a physical impossablility, unless that person has a 2 ft long dick and has the ability to bend it back and insurt it into there asshole. But none the less this phrase really gets the message accross.

Hey lizzy nice ass baby, "Go fuck yourself"

"Vote for Hillary Clinton," " Go fuck yourself".

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Go Fuck yourself - what does it mean?

A more forceful equivalent to get lost or go away. Many variations exist, including hide-and-go-fuck-yourself. Expression by a first party for a second party to leave the vicinity or simply stop associating with or annoying the first party.

He wouldn't leave me alone, so I told him to go fuck himself.

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Go Fuck yourself - meaning

A command for someone to get lost (especially from the person that says it), usually as a result of extreme annoyance. Literally it means for them to masturbate themselves, so they aren't inclined to harrass and receive sexual pleasure from the person they are annoying. It's more stinging than "fuck off" because it implies that they could not or should not find anyone else to have sex with, so they need to use the self-manipulation.

"lol, looks like i beat you at WoW again..." "go fuck yourself"

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Go Fuck yourself - definition

To tell someone to go away or to just leave you alone or never talk to them ever again.

PJ: Hey can i eat dinner at your house ?
AJ: yeah right, go fuck yourself.


COMEBACK: if your a male or female and an ugly opposite person of sex tells you to "go fuck yourself", you should reply :"I'd rather be fucking myself then fucking you". ahhaha

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Go Fuck yourself - slang

A command uttered usually after one has said something infuriating or offensive to you.

Some people ask me why I curse so much. I respond to these people by asking them to go fuck themselves.

"Why don't you watch your mouth?"

"Why don't you go fuck yourself?"

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Go Fuck yourself

Basically, means to just for the person to stop everything he/she is doing and find the nearest gun, point it under their chin and pull the trigger. That way they will no longer bother you and you can get some peace and quiet without their pure bullshit spewing from their mouths. If one continues you to harass you after you say this, you legally have the right to make them discover what your fist tastes like. They cannot sue you for any reason.

Latin origins of GO Fuck yourself:goeth fucketh yourselfus

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Go Fuck yourself

When someone tells you to go fuck yourself, they are encouraging you to shove your penis up your own asshole by bending it backwards. Or, if you're a female, to grab the nearest phallic object(s) and penetrate your orifices repeatedly. The connotation is that you'll probably enjoy it and will stop annoying everyone.

Broke Ass: "Hey man, can I have one of your beers out of the fridge?"

Working Man: "Go fuck yourself."

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Go Fuck yourself

A colorful method of telling someone to either; a) shut the fuck up
b) go the fuck away
c) go annoy the fuck out of someone else
d) an all inclusive phrase of general distaste which includes a-c as well

Practice safe sex & go fuck yourself...

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