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What is Hey bro?

When nerds want to sound cool

Nerd: hey bro want to do math

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Hey bro - what is it?

1. Very similar if not the same as a bro. Known for saying, "Hey bro."

How to spot them: Young man, age 19-24. potentially from Bakersfield. Wears clothing from American Eagle or Abercrombie and Fitch. The 'hey bro' attempts to ironically wear pink. Drives a lifted truck, IROC Z28, or Miata convertible. Enjoys bands like Disturbed, Fall Out Boy, Avenged Sevenfold and the Dave Matthews Band (despite none of those bands sounding alike). They honestly believe that at Karaoke they have a chance with the ex-stripper "Bud Light Girls" because they won a mesh cap as a prize from a Lynyrd Skynyrd trivia contest. They drink more red bull than water. Flip flops, cargo shorts, polo shirts, half beards, and Cuban dictator hats count as "Semi Formal" to them. They are amused by the Dave Chappelle one liners "I'm Rick James Bitch!" and "Oh KAY!" They are probably wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses.

"Hey bro, let's go to that party later so we can get drunk and fuck some chicks!"
"Whoa bro, good idea.."

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What does "Hey bro" mean?

A passive aggressive way to get some one to do something or keep them from slacking off at work. The hey bro is most effective when deployed with a hand on the shoulder and proceeded by a modifier like "not to be a pain in the ass" or "sorry my OCD is acting up." Most often used in situations where your friend is also your boss. Can be countered with a "dude, don't fucking hey bro me."

Uhh hey bro, could you please separate out the blue and the green dishes.

Hey bro, do you think you could get to work rather than just sitting around enjoying your coffee.

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Hey bro - what does it mean?

"hey bro" is the act of taking a picture of a girls ass/boobs.
"hey bro" is used because girls don't understand it when it is used, so it can be used even when in the vicinity of the girl whose ass/boobs you want to take a picture of.
the album in which you keep the pictures of ass/boobs you have taken.

dude, i used my camera phone to "hey bro" that girl
I just added sally to the "hey bro" folder on my computer

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Hey bro - meaning

A phrase said a lot from the wrestlers to the promoters

Wrestler: hey bro do you have any bookings coming up I can work anyone

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Hey bro - definition

A greeting from to bros

“Hey bro” said Harry to Michael

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