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What is Dayum?

Somthing you put on your sandwage for some extra DAYUM!

Take: "Can you pass the Dayum please."

Hiro: "Sorry i used it all for my damn sandwage."

Take: "Darn"

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Dayum - what is it?

Expressing feelings or other emotions

Dayum u look good today

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What does "Dayum" mean?

A more expressive way of saying "Damn"

Yo dawg I saw some booty walking down the street, I'm like Dayum girl!

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Dayum - what does it mean?

It basically means the word 'Damn' but it's spelt how you would pronounce it.

*Hot girl walks past*

Guy: Dayum!


*Chatting on social networking site*

Guy1: Did you see 'So+so's' profile picture?

Guy2: Yeah!

Guy1: Dayum, she's hot!

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Dayum - meaning

An expression used when you see an extremely good looking person

A slang expression of the word "damn"

Commonly used when a male is describing a hot girl who may walk past

Dayummmm! Jamie is hot, his girlfriend Rachael is so lucky"

"Jamie is dayum fine!"

Rachaels ex boyfriend Matt is unlucky..she is dayuumm fine

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Dayum - definition

The fifth level of fatness, as defined by Gabriel Iglesias.

There are six level of fatness:
- Big
- Healthy
- Husky
- Fluffy
- Hell no!

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Dayum - slang

Unbelievable. A great big suprise.

Somebody you have not seen in many years who is supposed to be living on the other side of the globe shows up at your door and you say: "Dayum! Where the hell have you been?"

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Dayum, interchangeable with damn

As in, dayum that girl is fine!
Dayum I hate it when my car won't start!
Dayum I can't believe you just said that!

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A slang used for the word damn. Often used by guys when they see a hot girl, or when they get busted.

As she walked by he turned to his friends and said "Dayum! That girl is fly"

Guy 1: My girl walked in out on me last night
Guy2: Dayum bro, shitty buzz

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A word often interchangeable with the word damn. Used to convey extra damn-ness.


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