Definder - what does the word mean?

What is DFB?

An acronym for Displaying Fat Behavior. The culprit is not necessarily overweight themselves, just acting the part.

Is that your fourth hot dog? What a DFB!

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DFB - what is it?

Acronym short for Disgusting Fat Body.

Paul weighs 410 pounds, he's such a DFB.

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What does "DFB" mean?

Down for Bukkake. An acronym used to describe a woman (or man), who is 'down' to be the subject/ target for the practice of bukkake.

"Dude Amanda is the only girl coming to the house tonight."

"Damn son, I hope that girl is DFB."

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DFB - what does it mean?

a group of dope ass dirty foot bitches

damnnnnnnnnnn 'em dfb's be wilin' all over the 305. fasho!

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Acronym short for the hip-hop group Dem Franchize Boyz. Providing the same catchy beat that over and over again with nothing really intelligent to say, but popular nonetheless.

Person #1: I just bought that new DFB cd.
Person #2: You f%@#ing idiot!

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Down for Birdman

Anyone DFB? I know I am!
That dunk Birdman just did made me totally DFB.

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Short for dirty fenian bastard or in other words a catholic living in northern ireland

What's that smell? It that DFB sittin in the seat behind. Filthy bastard.

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dumb fucking bitch,

1)_A woman that acts like she has no brains or logic yet she thinks she is hot,

2)_A woman that is rude without provocation

I was at the cashier window CASH in my hand,while looking straight at me she said "cash or charge" as she was picking up the $20.00 dollar bill ..What a DFB!

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Down For Blacks.
A person who isn't black or african that is attracted to people who are.
Someone who thinks a black person is attractive enough to hook up with.

An asian girl liking a black guy
A white guy falling in love with an african girl
A mexican guy hooking up with a black girl

*Black girl walks by*
White guy: Dang duude she's cute
Other White Guy: Really you think so?
White guy: Oh yeah i'm DFB

*White Girl walks by*
Black Guy: Dammmmn that girl FINE
Other Black guy: FASHO i wonder if she's DFB..

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A dance floor boner. An inconvenient erection that results from grinding with a girl. In the occasion of such an incident, the male dancer with the DFB finds a replacement male dancer as he "headbands" the DFB, relocating it under his belt. He then resume dancing with his female partner.

Hey Chad, can you dance with the girl for a second? I've got a DFB and I need to strap my stuff down.

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