Definder - what does the word mean?

What is was good?

Term used to describe quality. Especially with clandestinely manufactured drugs.

I got that Good Good.

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was good - video

Was good - what is it?

you got the weed?

aye you got that good good

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What does "was good" mean?

Another word for weed without directly saying weed.

Imani: Yo Chaz you got summa that good good for later tonight?
Chaz: Ya gotchu

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Was good - what does it mean?

High quality kegel muscles that keep your significant other coming back and not looking for other people to satisfy their needs.

So I've been dating this guy for three weeks, and yesterday he told me he loved me. I got that Good Good.

Also refer to Ashanti's song Good Good.

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Was good - meaning

High quality drugs.

Yo my nigga you got that good good?

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Was good - definition

A term made popular by Ashanti (R&B singer) and her song titled "Good Good"

It is usually used in two instances.

1.) super potent drugs
2.) bomb ass pussy

1.) "aye yo mayne, yu good?"

"yeah mayne, you know i stay wit dat good good mah


2.) "mayne, shawty girl got dat good good!"

"oooh girrrl! i had him bout to cry! he know i got dat good


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Was good - slang

top notch pusssy or dick that'll get you sprung quickfast!

"shorty got that good-good"

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Was good

Refers to anything that is of primo quality.

Sup bro, u wanna get high? I got that good good.

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Was good

A sarcastic and cynical way to shut someone up by agreeing to whatever they say. Often said very quickly, making it sound like "gud gud gud"

Prashanth : hey Mr Lim, as you can see I did all my work, it wasn't easy because........
Mr Lim: *interrupts* good good good
Prashanth : ...........

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Was good

It basically means what's up.

Was good in the hood Anthony?

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