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What is unreliable source?

Where something comes from. Commonly refers to source code, which is where applications come from.

Microsoft has a big ass padlock on the Windows source.

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Unreliable source - what is it?

When someone asks you for sources, they are asking for proof to back up whatever you just said.

Woman: Every Friday is a holiday for the people of my religion
Man: Really?
Woman: Yes
Man: Sources?
Woman: I don't have any...

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What does "unreliable source" mean?

To buy. To find. To acquire. To get.
Its current usage follows the modern fashion of using a noun as a verb.

We source our organic light bulbs from a local farmer.

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Unreliable source - what does it mean?

Source is an extremely flexible/powerful video game engine developed by Valve Software, and it's primary use is for Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source, and many Half-Life mods. But other games such as Vampires - Masqeurade: Bloodlines uses the same engine. It took Valve over 5 years of solid programming to develop Source.

Half-Life 2 runs on Source.

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Unreliable source

1. Unreliable, unverified, phantom person(s) or entity. Often cited by the media to publish a story that they don't want to do the legwork to find physical evidence for.

2. The thing that is always missing from online rants, is never given when asked for, and that is always discredited the moment it is posted.

P1: Did you see that news article? The world is ending tomorrow!

P2: According to who?

P1: "Multiple Sources".

P2: Oh! Well then, since there are multiple of them that makes it more credible!

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Unreliable source

It is another word for retard(short for resource)

Dylan is so source, he Isn’t subscribed to pewdiepie.

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Unreliable source

Someone which causes sexual arousal or masturbatory desire. A person can become, or stop being, a source at any given time. From 'Curb Your Enthusiasm.'

That waitress from the Pakistani restaurant just became a source.

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Unreliable source

Not able to be counted on; Not performing expected duties.'s definiton of pippie is very unreliable, as each one of the six definitons gives a different meaning for the word.

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Unreliable source

undependable, irresponsible, untrustworthy

James : Andy has bailed again he is now on punishment
Nick : You know baldy he is unreliable

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Unreliable source

Unreliable Source is a common tag used by Wikipedia. Wikipedia is (or intended to be) a open source encyclopedia.

In theory, the tag "Unreliable source" is used when an article or part of a article cite or talk about some questionable content.

But, in a real world scenario, "Unreliable source" is used as a form to piss off contributors. Even by using logic, if a statement is correct but some editor consider to screw it, then it can claim that the statement is incorrect.

Writer-"The roses are red"
Editor -I put a unreliable source tag because the statement does not cite any source claiming it.
Writer-But i put not only a source but 3 sources.
Editor -Sorry about that but *im* still consider unreliable.

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