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What is questionable content?

Having no desire to leave the moment you are experiencing.

I am content standing right here, on this rock, and looking at the stars. I don't care if I ever leave. I could do this forever.

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Questionable content - what is it?

heated disagreement.

The captured territory was the main area of contention between the two countries.
The show Barney has always been a source of contention for me. But seriously, it has ruined my childhood.

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What does "questionable content" mean?

Resting in who you are, who you have, and what you have.

To have contentment is to be comfortable with the world.

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Questionable content - what does it mean?

Being cuddled up with your little polar bear with lion hair, needing no words to describe how you feel

I’m feeling an incredible sense of contentness right now

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Questionable content

The state of mind you reach when you look at your life in all it's imperfection, and say "good enough".

Contentment is true peace of mind and has absolutely nothing to do with any external pleasure or condition, but rather your attitude.

There is no natural limit to desiring things. You will go on desiring more and more your whole life until you consciously decide "good enough".

Guy 1: "I'm feeling contentment right now. I think my life is good enough, despite all its imperfections."

Guy 2: "The enemy of 'great' is 'good enough.'

Guy 1: "Maybe, but 'good enough' is also the best friend of 'happiness' "

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Questionable content


*Content Questions are all the questions about the meaning of a text, events, details, ideas and arguments.

Emad answered all of the Language test's content questions correctly, and he scored 100 out of 100.

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Questionable content's thought police when someone does something controversial. Get on their bad side and it will be #RIPProfile and catalog. This was the fatal move that they did when they went after their junkyard dog. If you're talking the web comic of the same name never seen it. Questionable Content were similar to Facebook Jail before the term was coined

Something controversial is published, and they're not pleased. Questionable Content is pissed at you man, "Fuck it I am going after them with the painting of Obama burning the Constitution. The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five roster is way too important to lose to their thought policing. World Forgiveness Day? That's a joke when they will see what the 4th of July is about."

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Questionable content

A frightfully shitty webcomic by has-been writer/illustrator extraordinaire Jeph Jacques. During the course of the story, which ranks in repetition and boringness with megatokyo, Jaques' artistic abilities have matured, but his dismal writing talents have stayed constant.

Dude: "Anyone know where I can find an enormously unfulfilling slice-of-life webcomic?"

Bro: "Yeah, check out Questionable Content. Come for the fake problems, stay for the lame, all's-well-that-ends-well story arcs that are resolved with no problems at the end of a week."

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Questionable content

the best web comic. ever. wonderfully done characters. great style. sweet ass humor. it really does kick the ass.

questionable content has been proven to cure cancer, and even more importantly, Elitist hipster assholery!!

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Questionable content

kick-ass comic about life

Damned hipsters, i tell ya

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