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What is uhhh?

When you fuck someone over a stall and you have to take a piss while she giving great head and your too lazy to piss in it so you piss in her mouth and when you say flush, she starts to swallow

This hoe is so uhhh okay

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Uhhh - what is it?

When someone is so ugly that they simply cannot be described with actual words, so one decides to simply say "mufuckin uhhh" in place of an adjective to describe their vulgar appearance.

"Caleb who let you in the picture looking like that"
"Like what?"
"A mufuckin uhhh"

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What does "uhhh" mean?

a large colored man wearing an assortment of colorful man panties

The stripper in the club was dancing on a randy pole and the audience relplied with a, "sniff uhhh."

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Uhhh - what does it mean?

A word introverts use whenever they are asked why they are so shy and why won't they stop being so shy.

Merely translates to "I don't know why I am this way. When I'm out with people, I wish I was home and alone. When I'm home and alone, I wish I was out with people. It's a horrible loop. There's no explaining my strange ways, and I'm trying to better myself with every chance I get, but you getting frustrated with me won't help at all. I appreciate you taking me places and making an effort. But please, unless you suffer the same anxiety I do, stop being mad at me for my social difficulties. I will get there when the time's right. In the mean time, please try to understand why I'm like this."

Extrovert(s): Hey, why won't you stop being so shy and come join us?

Introvert: uhhh ehrm

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Uhhh - meaning

A phrase used by oh-so-rebellious teenagers when they can't be arsed to come up with a more creatively sarcastic answer.

"Did you finish that geometry homework?"
"Uhhh, no." *world-weary sigh*

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Uhhh - definition

Uhhh (say it like Jay-Z) is a term created by the one named George Jones of Lehman PA. According to Jones, "Uhhh" is to be pulled out when there is awkward silence. It also may be used in the context for someone to stop talking about a particular subject because someone is in the room that they don't want to know about what the conversation is about..or just plain used to talk behind someones back.

*awkward silence*
George: "Uhhh"

Ryan: "So we going to the party?"
George: "Uhhh"

George: "Uhhh is such a douchebag"
Tom: ""

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Uhhh - slang

"Uhhh" is an unofficial word used when you don't know what to say, or you just... "uhhh".... don't know.

"I, uhhh.... I don't know what movies are playing. Maybe we should just hang out at my place (and make out ^.^).

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a person that acts really slow

eg come here peter you uhhh

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As an ironic question, or a blank face expression, or a surprised look notion, to be used for internet based online chats.. Confusing to grasps the correlation between 2 topics while texting (sms) or texting via internet messengers..

M: Didn't you feel last night it was hectic at the fitness club, over crowded.!. 20:16
F: You know last night was the best night of my life.. 20:16
M: uhhh 20:18
M: what are u talking about? 20:18
F: I am talking about the long drive we had & stray star watch.. 20:22
M: uhhh 20:23
M: Never-mind catch you online later.. 20:30

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elongated syllable used when dumbfounded

uhhhhhhhhhh....yeh....and stuff

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