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What is come up?

Used to define something clutch or a great opportunity. Can be used to describe a positive outcome to a situation. Usually used in reference towards commotitties or women.

"I just got these new yeezys on aliexpress for $5 bruh" "Bro that's not a come up you trippin ass nigga"

"I just copped me some percocet this is the biggest come up ever"

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Come up - what is it?

to get some, a slang way of saying "having sex"

Jim: Did you come up last night?

Aaron: You know it man.

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What does "come up" mean?

To have sex or get some

Bob: Did you come up last night?
Jimmy: Nah da hoes was trippin.

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Come up - what does it mean?

ebonics for AWESOME, or anything that has to do with a positive action or thought

yesterday was a come up , i won a million dollars.

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Come up - meaning

To come up with something, to get an idea

Example 1:
Pete: What shall we do..?
Sam: Dunno.. Ask Jake, he always comes up with good ideas

Example 2:
Your conscience: No don't spend time with him, you only come up with crazy ideas when you're around him

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Come up - definition

Steal, Jack, Find.

"Ay fool, you wanna come up on that watch we saw at the jewelery store"

"Dawg, we gotta come up on some shit at this house party tonight"

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Come up - slang

To make it big, bubble.

When you just sold 5Ps of dank and got the money to fund ur shit properly ur on the comeup

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Come up

to come up on somethin, to find something of value such as a $20 bill on the ground. Also to rise to the top financially

i came up on a dime bag i saw layin in the park

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Come up

1) to grow up
2) to rise from the streets
3) to succeed

Trouble Man, by Marvin Gaye
"I come up hard, baby,
But now I`m cool.
I didn` make it, sugah,
Playin' by the rules."

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Come up

A bargain, or a found item that is of value to the finder.

"One man's trash, that's another man's come up." - from Thrift Shop by Macklemore

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