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What is the cafe?

A long-running CBC radio show which features Stuart McLean telling stories in what is supposed to be a wistful and nostalgic voice. Some love his style of reading, and others can't stand it.

You listen to the Vinyl Cafe? I don't know how you can stand Stuart McLean's tone of voice!

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the cafe - video

The cafe - what is it?

One who feigns a knowledge of the military.

Trevor is a regular cafe commander, saying what the generals should do!

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What does "the cafe" mean?

A combination of smelly,sweaty,hairy, and lippy pussy.

I would'a hit but the bitch had a mad cafe.

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The cafe - what does it mean?

cafeing is when someone laughs or breathes into a bowl or other smoking device resulting in the weed and ashes to be blown all over.

also when someone drops your weed on the ground.

also can be noun "cafer"

or verb "cafe" "cafed"

pronounced "kayf"

example 1
guy #1 drops bag of weed on ground while taking a hit.

guy #2 "Dude why are you always cafeing with my weed?!"

example 2
guy#1 tells a funny joke

guy#2 laughs and blows weed out of bowl

guy#1 Dude why do you always cafe in my car?

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The cafe - meaning


They about to go to the CAFE with each other.

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The cafe - definition

Street Name For Caffeine.

Dude Go Make Us Some Cafe

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The cafe - slang

South African for small general store or 'corner shop'

What do you want from the cafe?

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The cafe

Cannabis and Fine Edibles

CAFE has the best portion controlled cannabis edibles on the market, what time do they close?

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The cafe

A Japanese Visual Kei rock band formed in 2003, all from the Kanto region of Japan. Sometimes known as Antic Cafe, Antique Cafe, or An Cafe. They consist of 4 members: Teriku (Drums/Leader of the Band), Miku (vocals), Bou (Guitar), and Kanon (Bass). They are all very different but form one kick-ass group. Their videos are always very unique and incorporate bright colours into them. They are spectacular live and little jrocker female fans go wild when they kiss each other. Some have been arguing on whether they are an Oshare Kei, or Visual Kei band. I personally think they're Oshare Kei, but does it honestly matter? Their music is catchy and easy to dance to. Listen to their songs and you'll fall in love.

Miku - the pretty lead singer
Bou - the cute girly boy (Once said if he was reborn, he'd rather be a female)
Kanon - Hot hot hot/mysterious/quiet
Teriku - Kick-ass drummer/talks way too much in interviews

omg an cafe! This concert is so freakin aweso...HOLY CRAP DID THEY JUST KISS?? AHHHHHHH!! -girly scream-

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The cafe

Its prononuced as The Kaf. Its a shorter way of saying cafeteria.

Hey. Meet me in the Cafe in 5 minutes.

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