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What is teaching?

1. A sarcastic way of letting a person know that whatever they are doing at a particular moment in time isn't working for them.
2. (rare) A genuine way of letting a person know that they are highly skilled or proficient in a certain area. Almost impossible to differentiate this one from definition "1"

1. (Drunk girl is dancing funky, as if having convulsions, at a club. Walk up to her and tap her on the shoulder): "Wow! Can you teach a class on dancing??"
2."How do you do it, man? You're a true BLG. Can you teach a class??"

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Teaching - what is it?

A sexual term where you put someone's phone in the microwave in the middle of the night and the explosion turns the both of you on

Kids these days keep me up at night teached, I swear. Okrrrrr?

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What does "teaching" mean?

β€œTeach” is to show or do something to inform other of something that can help them learn

Teacher : ok today I will be teaching

Student : ok

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Teaching - what does it mean?

A term usually used as a put down to those who ask obvious questions and have their questions answered in a sarcastic way. It resembles the classic burned or owned, but more specific to question-asking. In forums "teach!" is often followed by an emoticon wearing a graduation cap and holding a pointer.

n00b: Why can't I post in the rest of the forums?

member 1: Surely you already know that after having read the rules before joining.

member 2: teach! *insert emoticon*

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Teaching - meaning

teached (teechd)
–verb: past tense and past participle of "teach". Commonly used in Trinidad by the most educated people.

"Ummm, where have you teached before?"

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Teaching - definition

short for teacher, usually used insultingly

yo man i got that bitchy english teach next period....

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Teaching - slang

A misspelling of the word "taught".

Person A: I teached English.
Person B: Oh, god.

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To be Owned or served by a teacher

Ohh man, the teacher today totally burned that stupid kid today in class. He got Teached!

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1. A term for something being dry or armz. When someone is told off but can only be used in the case where the telling off is *true*.

2. Third party response to an insult

Orig. Polite teachers/parents critisizing work and then claiming that it's simply teaching, causing others present to say "Ohhh dry. I mean, teaching"

"You're way off pitch, where the _____ did you learn to sing?"

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A profession that highly skilled people find themselves in when they can't find a better job.

For all those people who say that teaching is is....just because all the kids are like Vikki Pollard

Shit I can't find a job that opays more than Β£10,000 a year....better go into teaching

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