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What is swed?

fart on your head, or how you doing?

hello, guff ont swed?

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Swed - what is it?

Adjective for something that is awesome or totally sweet. Can be used as a singular swed or if it is super mega awesome the term swed for days is used.

Dude I went to a lingerie party last night. It was swed for days!

This bong is swed!

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What does "swed" mean?

A person who smokes weed everyday Another name for a stoner or pot head Swed Standing for
Because some people get afended when called a pothead or stoner

Mister Bojangles and TC are The Biggest Swed Heads in all of Fat City

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Swed - what does it mean?

When an object, style, other is so outrageous and outgoing that it becomes cool.

#1..Toby: hey man, have you seen Duncan's Ankle watch?

Tom: yeah bro it's serious swed

#2.. Toby: Mate, have you seen macklemore's swed

Donald: I know right those fur coats tho

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Swed - meaning

Scottish slang for "sweeties" (see:candy) used when;

1. Old people offer you sweeties
2. Describing a Ecstasy pill.

plural - swedgers
verb - swedged
noun - swedhead

Ex1. "Hey son, want a swed?"
Ex2. "I took 7 swedgers last night"

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Swed - definition

swed is your head

im gonna kick your swed in

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Swed - slang

So What Even Dream

you only live 0nce * So What Ever Dream.

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Swed is slang for Cider, especially White Cider and comes in Tommy1 (1 litre) Tommy 2 (2 litre) or Tommy 3 (3 litre) bottles.

You Gonna Get A Tommy 3 Of Swed In Tonight?

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From the phrase "Smoke Weed EveryDay" found in the song "the next episode" by dr. dre and nate dogg

"we always swed. "

"swed for life."

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