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What is say anything?

When you are openly critical of someone's actions and are just being a dick.

James: Bob, you drive like a stoned flamingo.

Bob: at least you know if you can't say anything nice, say something shitty.

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say anything - video

Say anything - what is it?

Say Anything are a band created when Max Bemis (lead singer) SND Coby Linder (Drummer) made a band when they were 13. They are the best band ever...Period! Some of there greatest songs are: Admit It, Plea, People Like You Are Why People Like Me Exist, Goodbye Young Tutour You've Now Outgrown Me, Do Better, Alive With The Glory Of Love, Walk Through Hell and basically every other song by them that they have made.

Go to the Say Anything website and check them out because they are awesome and the best.

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What does "say anything" mean?

Quite possibly the greatest rock band of all time. They are not afraid to tell it like it is. Their lyrics are true, honest, and real. The music is also incredibly amazing. Some of their best songs include Plea, Admit It, Colorblind, A Walk Through Hell, Chia-Like I Shall Grow, I Want To Know Your Plans, Wow I Can Get Sexual Too, Belt, Woe, Spidersong, Skinny Mean Man, That Is Why, We Killed It, Alive With The Glory Of Love, Little Girls, and Metal Now. All of their songs are amazing. The music of Say Anything will change your life. Check it out!!!

The lyrics are incredibly honest:
"You don't impress me!
You don't intimidate me!
Why don't you
Bow down!
Get on the ground,
Walk this f**kin plank! Yeah!"
-Admit It!!!

The lyrics can also be deep and romantic:
"You're what
Keeps me believin
The world's not gone dead
Strengthen my bones put
The words in my head
When they
Pour out to paper
It's all for you
Cuz that's what you do"
-I Want To Know Your Plans

Their music and lyrics are amazing and have a wide variety of speed, tone, and subject matter. Say Anything is amazing.

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Say anything - what does it mean?

Amazing band that tells it like it is. Someone should carve a statue of Max Bemis or something

Person 1: Do you like Say Anything?
Person 2: That movie about the guy who holds up the boombox?
Person 1: no.

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Say anything - meaning

one of the best romantic movies ever. made in the 80s. just a guess, but the band is probably named after that movie.

"wanna come over to my house and watch say anything, the movie not the band."

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Say anything - definition

my favorite band and thats all taht matters

a couple of their songs: admit it, alive with the glory of love, every man has a molly, wow i can get sexual too, belt...

say anything is the best band even though bands like fall out boy, panic! at the disco, motion city soundtrack, mae, and jimmy eat world are up there

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Say anything - slang

You'll know " A Real Boy" soon if you don't already. Great band, greater live.

Jesse lacey came out and played with say anything in the NY area shows.

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Say anything

Possibly one of the greatest bands formed within the last 10 years. Although they have changed members several times, the current lineup is:

-Max Bemis: Vocals
-Jacob "Coby" Linder: Drums
-Casper Adams: Guitar
-Kevin Seaton: Bass

If you haven't heard them, check 'em out. Now.

Some of my favorite Say Anything songs are "A Walk Through Hell", "Woe", "I Want to Know Your Plans", "Every Man Has a Molly", and "Admit It!".

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