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What is rite?

a person who has ashy and yellow hands. His brother can body slam him.

Wow that loser's name is Rited. I can't believe he eats lunch near the garbage cans.

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Rite - what is it?

An interesting creature often found in the depths of odd conspiracies and yawns infrequent amounts. He is lazy, finds joy in acting autistic but sometimes achieves intellectual peaks for maximum of three seconds a year. He is also very slow: mentally, verbally, and physically.

My guy is like a sloth. He's probably a Rited.

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What does "rite" mean?

A word used mainly in northern england, but not just by chavs.

It commonly follows the word "fucking" in order to emphasise the person's point, and means something like "damn straight", "damn right" etc.

<geordie 1> VANILLA COKE RULES!!!

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Rite - what does it mean?

The short version of Marguerite. Can be used as a nickname and a real name.

Person 1: Hey Marguerite, I heard you like Mudkipz!

Rite: Yes I do. Can you do me a favor?

Person 1: Sure.

Rite: Instead of calling me Marguerite, call me Rite because it sounds way cooler!

Person 1: Sure thing Rite

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Rite - meaning

The most sportiest girl you will meet.has a very kind soul and all the boys go crazy for her. Long beautiful hair and contagious laughter.

Girl: favourite girl?
Boy: Ritee

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Rite - definition

Its not an incorrect spelling of "right", its an actual word, meaning a religious celebration or law.

You guys are a bunch of dumbshits who ride the shortbus to school.

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Rite - slang

three rites make a wrong

lolita said she was a good girl last night.

rite! rite! rite!

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Devoid of skill

A faggot who cheats at video games.

An attention whore

lol, did you see pwncakes? such a rite

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Incorrect spelling of 'write', often used by people that take the short bus to school.

Kid that takes the short bus: ''now i no my a b sees i can rite and count two threE''

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Rite? More liek "right", am I rite?

JJCoolJ? More like furry fucking faggot, am I rite?

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