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What is three?

That one group of three friends that talk shit about everyone they meet.

i.e Abbie, Kassidy, and Colton

No the three, she wasn't looking in the wrong town...

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Three - what is it?

derives from holding up three fingers to form a W.
The W usually represents the slang term "Word" and sometimes "Whatever". "Threes" can also be used when someone says something stupid and you reply "What?" but instead, hold up three fingers and say, "Threes."

For example, "threes" can be used in situations like these:

Friend: "I'll meet you at the dining hall at 3, I have class now."
You: "Threes"


You: "She just cheated on me with that dude. But it's okay I'm move on and I'm gonna get with her best friend. Threes Bitch!"

and finally,

Friend: "My dog is black."
You: (must hold up three fingers in this case) "Threes to you making that dumbass remark."

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What does "three" mean?

The official number of the Illuminati. Usually means that subject in question was made by or is part of the Illuminati.

There are three sides on a triangle! Illuminati confirmed!

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Three - what does it mean?

a deaf girls favorite game

the number three in sign language three times

omg ken and i three three three all the time

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Three - meaning

1: A number that VALVe can't count to. See the Portal & Team Fortress series

2: see Half-Life 3

1: I wonder when we'll ever get Portal 3, let alone Team Fortress three

2: Half-Life 3 confirmed

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Three - definition

A number Symbolizing Power. Used many times in mythology and found many times in the bible as power.

and he shall return on the 3rd day.

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Three - slang

NOUN- the result of ejaculation. One is to urinate, two is to deficate, and three is to ejaculate.

Dont bother me for the next five minutes, I gotta drop a three.

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A number.

Count to ten, class. One, two, three...

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a shot from beyond the arc in basketball worth three points, as opposed to shots inside the arc, which are only worth two points

Pinnock hit two threes in a row against URI on Saturday.

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slightly higher than I can count.

One... um... er... ah, er........ you know, why don't we just stop there?

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