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What is pops?

The act of cracking ones fingers on anothers shoulder. See also 'Dirty Pops'

Joe did his pops on sams shoulder.

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Pops - what is it?

short for tittypops ,

check out those pops

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What does "pops" mean?

a single-syllable contraction of the word 'perhaps;' used occasionally in hip-hop lyrics

"Demons and old friends, pops they hauntin' him
The chosen one from the land of the frozen sun
When drunk nights get remembered more than sober ones"
Common - "Be"

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Pops - what does it mean?

POPS is a acronym for Penis on Penis Sex

Bob: Hey Jeff! Wanna have some POPS tonight?
Jeff: Sure bob!

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Pops - meaning

slang term meaning to 'pop pills', like vicodin, percocet, etc.

You know that girl, Jamie, right? Well she won't blaze with me, she says it's 'bad' for you. But she fuckin' pops, man.

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Pops - definition

Short for pop-fucking-eyes, the best fried chicken on the planet

Let's go get some POPS tonight!

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Pops - slang

male progenitor who is constantly belling manz, wants man to roll him round the ends, wants man to go to mosque, wants man to get a deegree, wants man to go to bed early, wants man to wake up early, wants man to get married

Imma go collect ma pops, he's chilling at mosque in da hood, gotta go pick him up and chauffer him to ma yard.

Abdul: Pops calling me to roll him to his fams house gotta split now
Bruvv: Oi man, you are no fun always running around with your pops! swear down abs

Pops on it from day he wants me to get a degree man! innit bruv!

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a word for beer or other alcoholic beverages but usuially beer.

I've had a few pops tonight.

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the muffin that pops out of the toaster

e.g. pops, 'tis ready

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n. One's father.

DaLonte, whatup holmes! I saw yo pops be hustlin' crack up on Fifth and Lee, so he musta got his ass paroled or somethin'.

You gonna hafta take dat shit up wif Pops, 'cause girl, I sho-as-hell don't give a damn!

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