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What is Short?

Being disrespected to the higest extent

If someone call you a bitch, and you don’t do anything back that’s a short

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Short - what is it?

When someone backs down from someone else then people pass a imaginary blunt to you

Person 1: Wassup with All the shit you was talking

Person 2: I don’t want to fight you

Person 3: That’s a short! *passes Imaginary blunt*

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What does "Short" mean?

Your girlfriend

Your girlfriend is short

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Short - what does it mean?

When you take a loss and your come back is weak

Guy 1: "Your head looks like a burnt potato"
Guy 2: "Potatos taste good"
Guy 3: "Damn you took a short today"

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Short - meaning

Lily cleo

You got short legs and you walk slow

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Short - definition


if your short you are most likely rugveda.

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Short - slang

A definition used to describe the height of an object.

Emma, you're short

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what a guy is if he's 5'6 or under and what a woman is if she's 5'3 or under.

Natalie is only 5'0 tall. She's short.

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The small coffee size at Starbuck's; the only size on the menu there that makes any sense (et al Tall, Grande, Vente).

"Short" is the smallest size Starbuck's offers, but you'll only get this if you ask for it by name. If you do order a "small" the barista will likely give you a "Tall" because anyone asking for a "small" will get the "Tall", which is the smallest size for which the prices are actually on the menu. Also only their hot drinks can be served in the "Short" size. Sound confsing? Yeah, I hate Starbuck's too!

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Someone below average height

Tall person: Ur short
Short person: I may be short but ur ugly and i still have time to grow

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