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What is pangender?

When a trans lesbian or a queer person thinks of themself as a girl or a boy, or a child in general, despite being in their twenties or thirties.

"He says he's a transboy."

"Isn't he thirty-two?"

"Peter Pangender syndrome."

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Pangender - what is it?

A gender identity where oneself experiences all genders available to said person's culture. 'Pan' means 'all', and gender.. Well.. If you don't know what gender is then.. Go to school? Yeah, the combination of the two is pangender, a gender identity.

Jason identifies as pangender, since they are multiple gender(s).

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What does "pangender" mean?

A person who does not conform to binary gender standards. Someone who identifies as neither male or female, but instead a third gender.

Courtney dresses masculine or feminine depending on her mood, and doesn't consider herself Male or Female, she instead considers herself pangendered.

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