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What is neopronouns?

Neopronouns are pronouns that some people use. These are pronouns that arent he/him/his she/her/hers or they/them/theirs.

Fae/faer and xi/xir.

Fae went to the store to get faerself some milk.
Xi went to the store to get xirself some milk.

They use neopronouns.

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Neopronouns - what is it?

Modern personal pronouns used by people whose gender lies outside of the male/female binary in place of 'they'.

An example of neopronoun is:

Zir name is
Ze went to the cinema

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What does "neopronouns" mean?

neopronouns are pronouns that are not he/him, they/them, or she/her. these pronouns are often used by neurodivergent people to feel more confident in their relationship with gender, since neurodivergent people experience gender differently. neurotypicals can also use neopronouns, they are just more common amongst neurodivergent people.

person 1: β€œxe uses neopronouns because it makes xem feel more comfortable in their gender.”
person 2: β€œthey don't make sense!”
person 1: β€œactually, they do, they can be used in the same way as he/him, she/her, and they/them! if you look up certain sets of neopronouns, they'll show you how they're used in a sentence!”
person 2: β€œwow! really? that's so cool!”

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Neopronouns - what does it mean?

pronouns that aren't she/he/they. can be used by anyone, even cishets, as long as they make you feel comfortable with your identity. the first set of neopronouns was coined by charles crozet in 1858 : thon/thons/thonself. many neurodivergent people use neopronouns since they have a different relationship with their gender and pronouns.

examples :
xe / xem / xyr / xyrs / xyrself
fae / faer / faers / faers / faerself
lu / lun / luns / luns / lunself

how to use neopronouns :

today xe went to the park.
i went with xem.
xe brought xyr own frisbee.
i played frisbee with xem.
xe talked about xyrself.
we bumped into a friend of xyrs.

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Neopronouns - meaning

Gender nuetral pronouns, that are commonly used by nonbinary people, examples would be : xe\xir\xirself, ze\zir\zerself, ey\em\emself

Xe loves music.
Xir went to the mall.
My neopronouns are xe.

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Neopronouns - definition

gender-neutral pronouns that some transgender, nonbinary, or gender non-conforming people use instead of he, she, or they. despite what some people say, they are real and have been for as long as 200 years.

- the first set of neopronouns was thon/thons/thonself, made by charles crozet converse in 1858.
- does fae need to buy anything from the store?

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