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What is opp?

Other people's Portfolios

It means pulling a Bernie Madoff. Jacking the elderly, infirm, widows, or just middle class America. Its when hedge funds and investment banks leverage at stratospheric levels of other people's portfolios in order to achieve above average market returns, but don't anticipate and insure for contingencies and black swans.

Wall Street Executive: Look, we need those bonuses so that our trophy blond shiksa wives won't leave us for the next richer asshole.

Wall Street Executuve #2: Okay, well gotta' use OPP and leverage the shit out of it.

both high five at the end and slap each others asses.

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opp meme gif

opp - video

Opp - what is it?

Ontario Provence Police

the OPP-Ontario Provence Police

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What does "opp" mean?

Acronym for Orleans Parish Prison. In new orleans, LA

Man i had to sit in opp for 3 months on that murder charge!

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Opp - what does it mean?

To be down with; To bang a chick or dude that has a serious boyfriend or husband. To bang a filandering housewife or husband; an adulterer.

I banged this hot chick last night cause her husband was out of town.

Whoa, you are a wicked shitlicker and down with opp.

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Opp - meaning

Opp is a old 80's refrace meaning other people's pussy it printed.from the song O.P.P

"You down with other people pussy (O.P.P)

Man I love me some opp

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Opp - definition

1. One who is often reffered to as a "snitch" or "taddle tale".

Person one: Hey, Dalia told the police your the one who robbed the bank down the street.
Person two: MAN.!!! That opp is going to me back in a cell.

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Opp - slang

if you listen to the lyrics of the song opp

Other peoples pussy id the main definition
then there's one for the ladies - other peoples penis

property is for G-rated rhyming radio play purposes

listen to the song and you'll have it "down with a discount" opp

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A snitch of some sort.

"I gunned her down then she turned into an opp".

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natalie is an opp she snitched

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Anyone in competition or against you.

Mainly used and originated in chicago

All i see is opps in here

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