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What is oh?

Something someone says when they aren't witty or funny, but they like to think they are.

It can express all sorts of emotions, anger, annoyance, betrayal, denial, acceptance, but mostly stupidity.

It is said most often after someone tells a really pointless story and you want to make them feel embarrassed or something.

If someone is threatening you, and you don't want to seem like it bothers you, say O, and then look at your friend right after. You feel cool, but you look like a dumbass

normally said in a very short way, instead of "ohhhh" it's "o"

yeah, i saw that when i was a kid it was good and then my little brother walked upstairs and then i sat on the couch.


if you do that one more time, i'll give you detention.


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oh - meme gif

oh meme gif

oh - video

Oh - what is it?

a word used by sean so much that it has becom more of an annoyance rather than a recognition or showing of not really care-ness

RawrRawr: im going to go eat a piece of cheese
LaLaLa: oh

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What does "oh" mean?

means I dont want to talk to you anymore, or to much info.

girl1: so thats how i got him to make out with me on our first date. It was a french kiss, too.
girl2: oh.......
girl1: yah umm bye

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Oh - what does it mean?

an america online overhead account - generally reserved for advertisers. no rates on chat scrolling.

i baited an oh and will pws it later today.

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Oh - meaning

as in you dont care what they have to say your sick of hearing them blabber and just want them to shut the hell up

"dude help me out seriously, stop sittin around"

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Oh - definition

means that ur just so over everythig and u cant do anything bc ur too sad and cant do anythig and all you can do is say oh

dog: woof

you: hewow you cute doggie

mum: the dogGie isnt rEal

you: oh

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Oh - slang

the word that is exclaimed by pretty much everyone on The Sopranos.

Waiter: "You fucking asshole"

Paulie walnuts: "OHHH!"

*waiter gets whacked*

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The word used in the exact moment when one's own stupidity is realized.

Don't eat that! It's toxic!


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A way to reply to a statement when you can't think of anything good or helpful to say back.

-I think im going to fail out of college and have to move back home.

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something one would say to show how much they really don't care

-omg my dog got hit by a car today, my teacher slapped me, and my boyfriend broke up with me!

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