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What is midgets?

1) a person far below the range of normal height. Being extremely short but otherwise in proper proportion is not a medical diagnosis; the term "midget" is not a medical one. However, the broader term "short stature" (<5th percentile or under about 5'5" for men/5' for women) is used, but like "midget" is not a medical diagnosis unless it is due to hormonal problems.
2) (slang) a man 5'5" or shorter.

This is what I think the height categories are (men):
5'1" or under Midget
5'2"-5'3" Very Short
5'4"-5'5" Short
5'6"-5'7" On the short side
5'8"-5'9" Not that tall
5'10"-5'11" On the tall side
6'-6'2" Tall
6'3"-6'4" Very Tall
6'5"+ Giant

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midgets - meme gif

midgets meme gif

midgets - video

Midgets - what is it?

Pocket sized people for travel convience.

Please check your midget at the desk.

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What does "midgets" mean?

mid grade marijuana

Yo you know where I can get any midget?

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Midgets - what does it mean?

A special human created by God so that pedophiles would have something legal to play with.

"Wanna cookie, little midget?"

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Midgets - meaning

When your Dick gets as small as you've ever seen it get. usually after getting out of cold water.

Dude, after that lap around the pool i think i'm midgetized

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Midgets - definition

Crowded elevators smell different to these people

Crowded elevators, believe me

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Midgets - slang

The most evil being on planet earth. They spend their days hunting mankind and eating our souls. They hide in vending machine, around dark corners, under bridges, and Nationals stadium. The natural born enemy of the pint sized menace is the Ginger, as they have no soul to eat.

Fighting midgets is the highest calling any Ginger can answer.

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a unit of measurement for determining the height of a midget. 1 midgetal is equal to 1.4 feet. 40 centimeters or 16 inches.
Also can be used for determining distance

A midget is 4 feet tall so he is 3 midgetals tall.

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Derived from the word "Midget", which means a short person.
The qualities of being a midget is called "midgetness".

Guy 1: Dude, did you see the new kid? He's super short!
Guy 2: I know! He's full of midgetness

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group of suburban white women trying to be hip

Excuse me, but have you seen my midgets

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