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What is you know?

telling someone that they know something

1. Said after explaining something. You are telling them they know

2. Said after cracking a joke. You are telling them that they know that it is funny.

3. Said randomly at a random time, just to sound hella gangsta or leet

Said in a sharp low voice at first, and then released out the mouth at a progressively higher pitch (but still maintaining a deep voice). Like this: YOOOUUUU KNOOOWWWW!!!!!

1. Yeah you know that guy in class today? He was all up in my junk! You know!

2. Yeah, Melinda's got a big dick. You know!

3. You know!

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You know - what is it?

a term in English slang

as if to agree with someone

person 1: that guy is hot

person 2: you know!

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What does "you know" mean?

As it is sometimes used in Boston, a solitary expression used to concur with anothers pointed or humorous observation.

Person A: Bostonians are so impatient, they want to order their lunch before their ass even hits the seat!

Person B: You know!

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You know - what does it mean?

Equates to: "You really don't know but I wish you did."

"What exactly did you do last night?"
"Oh, we went up to that place uptown, you know?"
"You know, that place with the trees and the river and stuff, you know?"
"I really, actually don't know."
"Well you should..."

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You know

The perfect response to any question asked. Can be used when one just doesn't want to answer a question or when one doesn't know how to answer a question.

Girlfriend: "So what exactly did you do when SHE came over last night!?"
Guy: "You know."

Teacher: "Billy, think about this. 3x + 4 = 7. What is 'x'?"
Billy: "You know."

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You know

1. Interjection

2. Conversation starter

3. To point out something that your conversation partner doesn't know, but should.

This phrase is way overused in Minnesota. Also, it's never taken literally.

1. "I called him, you know, 5 times this morning and like, he never answered."

2. "You know, this place smells retched."

3. "I have my doctorate in something, you know."

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You know

1. When used as a question: Same as, "Know what I'm saying?"

2. When used right before a giggle or titter: Something that is to embarassing or "icky" to bring up directly in conversation.

3. When used by a criminal or psychotic: You understand and have knowings of the insane/ socially unacceptable/ depravedly criminal/ inhumane/ abasedly amoral things I have done. Now I must kill you.

1. So then I just had to bust a cap, you know?

2. Then he showed me his... you know *giggle*.

3. You KNOW! *Lunges at you with a knife*

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You know

An interjection, most often used when saying something the listener does not, and often could not reasonably, know.

There are 374,102 hairs on my head, you know.

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You know

1. Substitution for something not to be said out loud.
2. Substitution for something that cannot be thought of at the present moment.
3. Question, literally meaning either
i. "Are you still listening?"
or ii. "Do you think you understand?" (informal)

1. - You want me to ... you know ... ?
- What, suck me off?
- Yeah.
2. - So I decided to give her that thing.
- What thing?
- The thing, you know.
3. - She didn't like the thing, so she dumped me. You know?
- Yeah.

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You know

something that jackasses say EVERY FUCKING OTHER WORD! You know! You know! You know! no i dont know cocksucker, why dont you fuckin tell me!

Man: Someday ill, you know, be living, you know, like in maui, you know, and ill be, you know, just havin, you know, a good, you know, time.

Other man slits this mans fuckin throat.

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