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What is make me a sandwich?

Used by us males as an effective counter to those whining cumdumpsters complaining about every single shit that happens to them by asking them to make us a sandwich. There is currently no known counter to this godly phrase as those pea-brained pastry chefs can't think of any and have no choice but to obey.

Whining whore: But it's your turn to make me a sandwich tod-

Man: Shut up and go make me a sandwich bitch!

Whining whore: Yes master!

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make me a sandwich - video

Make me a sandwich - what is it?

A phrase commonly said to a bitch by her master when he (or she) is hungry.

Master: yo ho, go making me a motherfucking sandwich!

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What does "make me a sandwich" mean?

The ultimate way to get that sandwich you want when you can't leave your computer because someone is wrong on the internet!

-Make me a sandwich.
-What? Make it yourself!
-Sudo make me a sandwich.

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Make me a sandwich - what does it mean?

A saying used when one person completely dominates another person in a game, contest, sport, etc. Implies that the winner has complete possession of the broken competitor, thus placing the loser in a condition of servitude in the form of the construction and delivery of a sandwich.

We're not playing again-I just beat you 50 times in a row! I think it's time for you to go make me a sandwich.

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Make me a sandwich - meaning

what u say to a woman when u dont want to put up whith any more of her shit.

sara told me to switch off the football game, but instead i told her to shut the fuck up and make me a sandwich.

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Make me a sandwich - definition

What you put on a sign and bring to a women's rights rally.

Bob put "Bitch make me a sandwich" on a sign and got knocked the fuck out.

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Make me a sandwich - slang

A request by an impolite hungry person

"MAKE ME A SANDWICH!"-mr. cockface
"Make it yourself ."-mr. boobhead

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Make me a sandwich

A sexist phrase that a male says to a female when he's drunk and/or hungry.


Girl: My boyfriend keeps yelling at me, "MAKE ME A SANDWICH, BITCH!" He's being sexist and now I need a good comeback to say to him.. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Guy friend: Well, you better comeback with a god damn sandwich.

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Make me a sandwich

A request for an all-male threesome, usually by a closeted young person, ie. he would like to be in the middle of the "sandwich". Coded placement of the word "bitch" in the sentence indicates in which role he would like to participate.

"Make me a sandwich bitch" or "Bitch, make me a sandwich."

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Make me a sandwich

A line that Ralphie shouts repeatedly in the Magic School Bus episode "Flexes Its Muscles"

"Robot, make me a sandwich!"

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